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Trupanion offer a great pet insurance policy without you needing to think about coverage levels. It gives you 90% back, UNLIMITED coverage and you just need to choose your deductible. We have Gisele (our Chesapeake Bay Retriever) insured with Trupanion. She recently needed surgery on her cruciate ligament which came to over $7,000. We got paid out with no questions asked in under 5 days after we submitted the invoice. We love Trupanion.

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Direct pay option is great of your vet accepts.
The direct pay option is really helpful, you just need to have a vet that will accept it.
Connecticut, Beagle
Workers are pretty nice.
Everytime I call the people are always pretty nice. I like the cutomer service and appreciate that it feels like the people working at Trupanion really want to help.
Wyoming, Goldendoodle
I would recommend Trupanion.
I’ve been pretty happy with Trupanion. I think they’re helpful, and its nice to have the back uup funds, the service can be a little inconsistent tho based on who you get.
California, Black Lab
Payback period is pretty quick.
I really appreciated that the payback period between a claim being approved and getting the check was preety fast. Its hard to plan if you think it will take long or be delayed, but Trupanion was on top of it all to get the check out.
Washington, Husky
They stick tru to policy.
Its nice that the policy you sign up for is actually what they stick to when you submit a claim. I;ve had so many nightmare experiences with other insurance companies finding so many different “loopholes” in a policy that it didn’t work in my favor. Trupanion doesn’t do that.
Florida, Burmese Cat
Quick & Reliable.
My dog had to go for an ear infection and our coverage with trupanion proved reliable again! We’ve had a policy with them for a whilenow and I always am impressed with the level of careful customer service we receive. reimbursementgets returned quick too.
Alabama, Yorkshire Terrier
Pretty good service for the cost
I’m fairly happy with the coverage that they offer-but no exam fee coverage is a bit annoying.
New York, Rottweiler
Deductible is reasonable.
We reported to Trupanion when our dog was having lots of stomach trouble. It took quite a few visits to figure out the issue and all the time spent at the vet would have cost a fortune but Trupanion covered 80% of expenses and that made all the difference
Indiana, Miniature Pinscher
Fast, helpful, good.
My life as a pet owner has beecomesooo much easier with Trupanion. I cant thank them enough for the good service.
Kentucky, Doberman
Love my Trupanion coverage.
I’m reallythankful our friends told us about pet insurance. We had a bad experience with not being able to pay for pet care with our last dog towards the end of her life. When we got our new pup, I research different pet policies and landed on Trupanion. So far the service has been great and They are fast and help us to know our costs will never be too much to handle.
Minnesota, Sheepdog
Quick reimbursements. Like that.
I would definitely recommend Trupanion to anyone with a pet who wans to help save money. Good service and quick payback.
Texas, Black lab
Worth the money.
Trupanion was great in helping cover the vet bill when my cat got a really bad skin rash and rubbed one of the areas so bad that it got infected. They covered 90% after my deductible which is prtty manageable. I’m pleased.
Oregon, Maine Coon cat
Trupanion is a savior!
Trupanion has been great for me and my dogTheypay when and what they say they will no run-around like with other insurance.
California, Greyhound
Really great Customer Service.
I reported a claim when my dog stopped eating and after a couple days starting vomiting a lot. Vet said it was a stomach virus. Trupanion was really helpful in covering the majority of costs. Really happy with my service and coverage and would recommend to anyone.
Washington, Rottweiler
Good coverage, but the claim process and reimbursement took long.
I was happy that Trupanion covered so many expenses when my cat needed surgery, but the whole claim process and reimbursement period took almost two months to get wrapped up. I wasn’t thrilled with that.
North Carolina, Siamese cat
Direct pay is helpful.
The direct pay option is really helpful for cutting time. I like that trupanion goes straight to the vet to save time, and because my vet will know more of the paperwork that will be needed for each claim unlike me. That was the big selling point for me for signing up.
New Mexico, Golden Retriever
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