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Pets Best are the most improved pet insurers in terms of coverage. We love that they have a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied as well. Coverage options are either $5,000 per year or unlimited and we really like that the average claim reimbursement time is 5 days. Very competitively priced too.

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Highly recommend Pets Best.
Have been a customer of Pets Best for two years now for my dog and they are always professional, efficient, and provide a hassle-free experience with great coverage.
Connecticut, German Shephard
Pets best really is the best!
My three fur babies are my life I’ve rescued all of them and couldn’t imagine a day that I can’t give them the best comforts a cat should need. After one developed a really bad rash and her fur starting coming out I had to take her to the vet a lot to see what was going on and with so many visits it cots a lot and I am already paying for eye meds monthly for one of my other kitties between the rash visits an necesary meds for the others I got a really high vet bill. Pets best did rrally great about reimbursing me quick and made sure the bill was taken care of I didn’t have to pay anything other than my 20%copay which is fair. I recomend pets best because they are really the best.
Mississippi, Birman cats
Like this company :)
I def recommend insurance for pet owners and Pets Best is fabulous. They make claims not too bad of a struggle and ive been paid decently fast each time. Last year I had to report a claim when my pooch Tabatha got an ear infection. Poor thing looked like she was in so much pain and she even had to wear that awful come for like a week so she wouldn’t scratch it worse. My deductable is pretty small and pets best handled the majority of my bill. I was happy :)
Washington, Chihuahua
Expensive but good.
I’ve had a policy for a few years and they are always helpful. They’re a little on the pricey side though.
North Dakota, pug
Super helpful!
Just made my first claim and they paid the whole vet bill! Really pleased and will keep.
Maine, Labradoodle
Best investment I’ve ever made.
I fell in love with my dog the second I saw him. I had been dying to adopt/rescue a dog for so long and finally had the space when I moved to my new house. I looked online at different shelters and found Luna (I have changed his name to Sirus) and I knew he was meant to be my dog. I called to arrange to see him and it was the first time I’ve actually belived in love at first sight. Took him home that day. Within a few weeks though he got sick from eating something he shouldn’t have during a walk and the vet bill and medication costs were a couple hundred. I didn’t have insurance at the time so I had to go out of pocket. When I was speaking with the vet’s billing manager to pay it off, she mentioned that some of their patients have insurance and it really helps them with costs.

I took her advice to look it up and found so many companies to chose from. I didn’t really know what to do since there was so much information but after seeing some different posts about how great Pets Best was, I decided to give them a call. The very first person I spoke wih was polite and so helpful. Already I was pleased with the service I was encountering and I hadn’t even agreed to be a customer yet. I took this as a good sign that the rest of my customer experience would probably go really well. After taking some time to discuss different plans with me, I settled on a policy that covers wellness, accidents, and illness. The copay is pretty reasonable and I’ve submitted one claim so far for some flea and tic medicines and they covered the prescription costs as stated! So far I’m really happy with them and will now recommend to anyone looking for insurance for a pet. Pets Best just got a new customer for life and Sirus and I couldn’t be happier!
Missouri, golden retriever
Quality company.
I was told about Pets Best by a coworker and I decided to sign up as well. My dog was already three but that wasn’t an issue and they made everything really easy for me. The reps are very professional and give detailed information about my policy so I actually understand it.
Rhode Island, Rottweiler
Almost didn’t accept my claim, still fighting.
My fiancé and I decided to get insurance on our dog a few months after getting him. His first year and a half saw low vet costs and we didn’t really have any issues. Things changed though when he developed an infection in his stomach and needed lots of care and medicine. I submitted my claim and it got turned down. I called a rep to find out why and they said I was missing info from the vet that needed to be provided. I thought I had submitted enough, but okay, fine, I’ll get more I figured. I had our vet submit more paperwork and then I didn’t hear from them for almost a month! I called twice and both times was told my claim was being worked on. I finally got a notice that my claim was approved but not for the amount I thought it would be so I called again. I’ve been dealing with this mess for almost four months and it’s still a battle to get my correct reimbursement. Not too impressed.
Oklahoma, Great Dane
Policy is good but pricey.
I like my policy but the premium price is a bit high. Theyve always paid what they said they would tho and on time so all in all im happy.
California, Persian cat
Good peace of mind.
Everyone should get pet insurance no question and go with Pets Best—really great.
Vermont, Goldendoodle
Very Professional!
Really happy that my vet recommended Pets Best to me. We’ve already had to make three claims for our family dog and it has helped to save thousands. It’s nice to not have to decide how to best help my pet based solely on numbers. Now it can be about what’s best for the dog always. Every time I call the reps are always really professional and very knowledgeable.
Oregon, Mastiff
No better company.
My girlfriend had used Pets Best in the past for her other pets and said it was a great company and resource and that we should get it for our new dog. I couldn’t agree more after they just saved us $600 for a vet bill.
Kentucky, cockapoo
Great way to plan for the un-plannable.
Accident shappen with pets and pets best really does help lik the say they will!
New York, Australian Shephard
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