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Health Paws get consistently excellent reviews, and like Trupanion and Nationwide, they give you 90% back and have an unlimited plan. However, and this is a BIG however, when your pet gets to 6 and then again at 8 years old, your reimbursement levels drop a lot, down to 60% at 8 years old onwards. At the same time, your deductible also rises to $750 at 8 years old. This is the only pet insurer we know of where coverage reduces as your pet gets older, which is when you’re more likely to spend money at the vet. Despite the reviews, we’d still avoid this plan because although coverage is fantastic for younger pets, if you have a claim during the younger years, this will be treated as a pre-existing condition if you swap insurers later on once your pet starts to get reduced payouts from Healthy Paws and so you’re then stuck with choice of having reduced coverage elsewhere or reduced payments from Healthy Paws.

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Healthy Paws is simply the best!
I’ve been blown away by the service at healthy paws. I have been a customer for two yeats now and they have yet to be less than fantastic. Every claim is processed quickly and they are really friendly. They have the best benefits of any company an go the extra mile to really show they care by sending thoughtful follow-up emails asking how your pet is doing after a claim. There is no better insurance company.
Wyoming, Greyhound
Healthy paws gets you through the tough times!
Healthy Paws has been there fpr me an my pup through some big issues that would have cost me a fortune. With Healthy Paws there tho I haven had to worry about saying yes to treatments that are costly, like knee surgery. They are truly there when you need them.
Rhode Island, French Bulldog
HealthyPaws is number 1.
I looked for insurance companies for a while before signing up with HealthyPAws so I know for a fact they really are the best pet insurance company. They cover more issues than anyone else, have incredible customer service, and get claims and reimbursements processed quickly. Having two dogs, there is almost always something wrong, but I never have to worry about coverage with HealthyPaws. Simply the best you can find.
Virginia, 2 Golden Retrievers
If you love your pet, get Healthy Paws.
No other insurnce company is even worth looking at compared to healthy paws—if you want the best for your pet, then its healthy paws you want. First, the people working there are some of the nicest ive ever incountered in any bsiness, let alone in the insurance world. Secondly, they get your reimbursement sent when you actually nees it, no waiting. Third, what other company covers hereditary conditions?!Healthy paws does! Its one of the best parts of their plans and im still amazed they do that when so many other providers will tur you away if you’re pet has even a hint of some hereditary/pre-exiting condition. I love knowing my babies are taken care of, because they truly are my babies-my cats are my kids and now I can give them the best with healthy paws.
Utah, 2 British Shorthair Cats
I love that they give back!
I was truly impressed when I was shopping for pet insurance and found out that healthy paws has so many different ways they help all animals, especially those that aren’t registered with plans. I love that they give donations with each quote to homeless animals and that they give scholarships to shelter animals in need of treatments. You know you’re really in good hands when a company helps those who aren’t “clients.” I will never chose another company.
Connecticut, Australian Shephard
Pretty good company.
I don’t love that they don’t cover exam fees, but everything else is pretty good service and coverage wise.
California, Pit Bull
The lifetime discounts are AWESOME!!
Healthy Paws is A-MAZE-ING! They have awesome coverage and offer lifetime discounts for different memberships or groups. I’m a Costco member and that enables me to get a 10% discount for my plans!
Florida, Corgi
You wont find a better company.
You could dhop for days (like I did) and still not find a better pet insurance company. The range of issues they cover is top-notch and they always give stellar suctomer service.
New York, Black lab
I love that they.
I’ve had trouble with getting an insurance company to cover dental work before when I had my last dog, but when I signed Healthy Paws when I got my new dog last year, it was explained as one of the benefits, and I’ve already had to claim on it with no issues. I’m really pleased.
Mississippi, Maltese
Such amazing company, people, coverage!
I can’t begin to describe how impressed I am with healthy paws. They treat each customer like family by showing how much they care for each and every pet. Their customer service is the best I’ve ever gotten, and they make everything easy with their app and allowing you to pick what plan you want.
Kansas, Persian Cat
Worth every penny.
It’s definitely worth it to spend the $30 or so dollars each month on a plan with healthy paws. They cover a big range of issues and the deductible/copays are very reasonable.
Florida, English Bulldog
They give to animals in need!
They not only are great to their customers, but they help homeless/shelter animals in need also! Just by getting a quote you are helping a needy animal and that’s incredible.
Hawaii, Pug & Boxer
Love Healthy Paws.
I will be a Healthy Paws customer for life! They are great to owners and pets to help you afford the care they need.
Minnesota, Doberman Pinscher
They cover everything!
I’m so impressed with what the plan covers. My dog needed physical therapy after a surgery and it was covered! THERAPY! I was in shock when they told me the claim was submitted. Thank you, Healthy Paws!
Massachusetts, Pomeranian
Such great people.
There are som really great people working at healthy paws. They are caring, fast, and knowledgeable.
Pennsylvania, Great Dane
Doesn’t get better than Healthy Paws.
Thereis no insureance company that is better than Healthy Paws. They have everything you need, at good prices, with no hassle. App is easy, claims are all paperless.
Oregon, Rottweiler
I LOVE Healthy Paws!!
I never thought I would say that I love an insurance company, but I really do! Submitting a claim is a snap, the reimbursement comes quickly, and all the people are so helpful. PLUS they give donations to animals in need! Who DOESN’T want to be part of a company like that??! I say Healthy Paws all the way!
Arizona, Burmese Cat
You wont be disappointed you get it.
Ive been a Healty Paws customer for three years now and they haven’t let me down once with getting a reimbursement back or answering questions or helping explain coverage they don’t cover exam fees which is slightly annoying but yu know that when you sign up so its not a surprise at least everything else is pretty much covered tho
Montana, Australian Shephard
Couldn’t be happier with Healthy Paws!
I recently switched to Healthy Paws after cancelling my plan with another insurance I will not name, but who did NOT treat their customer right or provide the level of service they claimed during the signing up process. A good friend told me how happy she was with Healthy Paws so I signed up about 6 months ago and couldn’t be happier. Ivealreadya submitted a claim and it was a breeze! There was no fighting, no delays, and my dog I back to healthy as can be! I will sing their praises forever!
Maryland, Sheepdog
Healthy Paws is truly the best.
Other insurance companies, especially those for people, should take a lesson from Healthy Paws. They know how to treat their customers and have great benefits/coverage. The copay amounts are incredible reasonable and every claim is handled very efficiently. They raise the bar and everyone falls short. Go with Healthy Paws if you want the best.
California, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
They offer great discounts!
On top of great comprehensive coverage, they also offer a lifetime discount for all different groups. I’m military and that enables me to get a 10% lifetime discount. They also offer it to pet shelter/care volunteers and a few others. I think that’s fantastic. Supporting a family plus a dog, every little penny saved makes a difference, and Healthy Paws goes out of their way to make that happen. Really impressed.
Washington, Basset Hound
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