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Low waiting times (as little as 2 days) until you can claim for an accident, speedy payouts (as quick as 5 days) and excellent reviews make Embrace a solid choice for your pet’s insurance. There’s no unlimited coverage option though, with the highest level of cover being $15,000 per year. It sounds a lot but remember, 47% of dogs get cancer and that can easily cost you $25,000+. They also have a plan with up to $250 of wellness coverage too.

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Such a wonderful company!
I have been nothing but please with my experience with Embrace. They make the process of claims and payments and whatnot very simple and the turn around it fast and my payments always get sent quick. I am thinking of getting anothr dog and will def sign him up for Embrace.
Maryland, Doberman
Pretty good coverage.
I was really worried when my dog developed a really bad limp in one of his hind legs. After going to the vet it was determined he had torn a ligament in his knee. Thankfully the tear was not so big as to need a surgery, but he did need lots of meds, a brace, and pretty much bed rest for a couple weeks. Embrace helped to pay for evrything and I always felt good knowing I ha dthem to help. That really does make a difference.
North Carolina, Dachshund
The people are helpful and the claims are processed fast.
Utah, Rottweiler
Embrace is the best, better than other insurance!
I always try to chose the best for my furry babies, and picking insurance is no different. I knew it would be an investment so I wanted to make sure I found the right company that had heart and soul and not ust a bottom-line. It means so much to me when I call in to embrace and they care about whats happening with one of me pets. Isn’t that what ALL pet mamas and papas want??! Pick embrace and you wont be disappointed. They care, they work quickly, and they make me and my 3 babies (soon to be a 4th that I’ll sign up with Embrace! ;) feel like we have someone backing us up. What a great company. I would never get insurance anywhere else.
Montana, 2 Maine Coon cats & 1 American Shorthair cat
Good service, fast reimbursement.
The customer service is pretty good and they usually process a claim and get a payment sent within one to two weeks. Nice to have it go fast.
New York, Cockapoo
Decent coverage. Can’t complain
They’re pretty consistent and helpful when I call.
Arizona, Beagle
I like the service, but the website isn’t great
The people make up for the website not being the best. Its seems a bit old school compared to some other company sites, but again, the customer service is really good, so it makes up for that.
California, German Shephard
The wellness program is good, but not standard
Its nice that they offer a wellness program for normal/every day vet visits, but I feel like that should comestandard and it doesn’t, its an optional plan piece.
Georgia, Goldador
Love lovelove EMBRACE!
I love that EMBRACE is there for pets and owners! They care, they want to help, and theyre great about answering questions. I’m never worried to call about something, unlike with my own health insurance where I dread getting on the phone with anyone for the simplest thing. If you sign up with EMBRACE you will love what you get, guaranteed.
Mississippi, 2 Maltese
They don’t make you wait forever!
I think it’s fantastic the Embrace is so efficient with their claims, and they don’t make you wait too long to hear if your claim has been approved or denied (I’ve never had a claim even been denied, they’re great). They don’t play the waiting game and they understand this is important to pet owners. I’ve been a customer for three years and am very pleased.
Oregon, Golden Retriever
Embrace wont let you down
Embrace is great at what they do, helping people with insurance. They are fast, efficient and nice.
Florida, French Bull Dog
Embrace should do people insurance!
They have their act together way more than any health insurance company ive ever worked with for myself or my family! They do a great EOB and what you buy is what you get, no hidden fees, loopholes, etc. Really impressed. The rest of insurance should be this easy.
Colorado, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Wellness option is good.
I like that they give you the option of signing up for the everyday wellness vet visits. Basically it covers what I think of as preventative to encourage you to keep your pet healthy. Good thing to have.
Hawaii, 1 Persian cat & 1 Ragdoll cat
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