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FIGO Pet Insurance


When you think of pet insurance companies, you don’t often associate the industry with the notion of “high-tech.” Mention insurance to someone and often the term still brings to mind archaic images of drab offices pushing paper and using snail mail. That was until Figo Pet Insurance came around and completely changed the way we think of and access insurance. Born out of the Google Tech Hub facility in Chicago, Figo utilizes the most up-to-date software, apps, and tech avenues to make insurance a breeze for their customers by creating the Pet Cloud platform and app. With the Pet Cloud, all of your pet’s data is stored in one place that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, no paper forms needed. You can submit claims, track reminders for shots, view past veterinary invoices, communicate with the Figo team, and even search pet-related services near you, such as dog walkers. Taking it a step even further, Figo also allows veterinarians to access the Pet Cloud for their patients who have it, so they always have access to medical records when needed. With the app and cloud-based models being the way of the future businesses, Figo is already one step ahead.

What They Cover

Figo has made it clear they are a force to be reckoned with in the pet health insurance industry through an entirely online approach, and their policies are just as comprehensive. They cover all the basics like surgery, accidents, illnesses, and injuries, along with hereditary conditions, and congenital conditions. In addition, Figo also covers veterinary exam fees, MRIs, x-rays, ultrasounds, cancer treatment, knee conditions, alternative and holistic therapies, prosthetics, and veterinary specialists.

What They Don’t Cover

As with any pet insurance company, there are a few things that Figo doesn’t cover, namely:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Routine care
  • Experimental procedures
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Breeding
  • Cosmetic surgeries
Plan Coverage Options

Figo has changed the way we approach insurance in so many ways via their completely technology-based approach, but yet another is through their policy structure. They offer per year deductible options as low as $50 and going up to $500. What’s even better, though, is that they offer reimbursement rates from 70% all the way to 100%. Yes, you read that correctly—a complete reimbursement. They also offer great policy limits from $10,000 to unlimited options.

  • $50
  • $100
  • $200
  • $500
  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%
  • 100%
Policy Limits
  • $10,000
  • $14,000
  • Unlimited
Policy Coverages
Deductible Type Per Year
Deductible Options $50 – $500
Reimbursement Options 70% - 100%
Policy Limit Options $10,000 - Unlimited
Lifetime limits Unlimited up to policy limit
Wellness Cover Cost Not offered
Accidents & Illnesses
Vet Exam Fees
Rx Medications
Emergency Visits
Cancer Treatments
Outpatient Care
Alternative Therapies
Waiting Periods
Policy Coverage Starts At midnight after sign up
Accidents 5 days after policy starts
Illnesses 14 days after policy starts
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How much will I get back from Figo?

As mentioned, Figo has great choices of options for coverage, and here are 3 examples of how much you’ll get back for a covered condition:


Example 1

Your cat develops a bad ear infection that requires surgery, and antibiotics. The total vet bill comes to $2,650. Following your $200 deductible and a 100% reimbursement, you will get back $2,450.

$2,450 Total Back

Example 2

You and your dog are out playing in the yard when he runs too far and gets hit by a bicyclist on the road. He needs stitches for a few deep cuts, as well as a cast to heal a fracture to one paw. The total vet bill comes to $4,980. After your $50 deductible and a 90% reimbursement, you will get back, $4,432.

$4,432 Total Back

Example 3

Your beloved Golden Retriever starts to show signs of hip dysplasia after his 9th birthday. You can’t stand to see him in pain, so you take him to the vet to get treatment started. The total vet bill after everything comes to $7,330. Following your $300 deductible and a 100% reimbursement, you will get back $7,030.

$7,030 Total Back
How much does Figo insurance cost?

Well as you may imagine, the cost of pet insurance depends on a few key variables: the breed of your pet, their age, and where you live. After that, it’s down to you how much coverage you want, how big (or small) a deductible you want to pay and how much of a reimbursement (the amount you get back after the deductible is paid) you select.

To see all of Figo’s plan options, click here to compare pet insurance plans, but here are a couple of examples:

Breed: Rottweiler
Age: 5 years
Zip code: 32004
$10,000 coverage
$100 Deductible
90% Reimbursement
Plan Cost $34.64 Per Month
Plan Cost $34.64 Per Month
Breed: Pomeranian
Age: 3 years
Zip code: 71612
$14,000 coverage
$200 Deductible
100% Reimbursement
Plan Cost $46.18 per month
Plan Cost $46.18 Per Month

What do pet owners say about Figo?

Very Good
5 star
69% Complete (success)
4 star
19% Complete (success)
3 star
13% Complete (success)
2 star
0% Complete (success)
1 star
0% Complete (success)

In terms of reviews, customers love the Pet Cloud and easy-to-use app. Having your pet’s information all in one place makes such a difference in the customer experience. With an average review score of 4.6/5, see reviews from Figo customers below.

Wonderful customer service!!

I have been a customer of Figo for quitea few years now and they have yet to cease to amaze me. Everytime I submit a claim the process is easy and fast, but that’s not the best part about the company. The best are the people. They are so polite and helpful and caring when I call with questions about my benefits or asking about a claim. They really care about pets. Its awesome. I will never choose another insurance company for my pets. Figo has my business for life.

Oklahoma, American Shorthair cat
Like that you can submit via app.

They make submitting claims easy by letting you do it through their app. So much simpler than other companies.

Kansas, Goldendoodle
Issues with covering surgery.

The basic coverage and reimbursements for vet visits and meds are fine, but I now know of two different instances where figo has denied claims of pet owners needing reimbursement for surgeries and they wouldn’t pay. It happened to both me and my cousin’s family. His dog needed a hip surgery last year that figo denied on some BS basis and then I got denied last month when my dog needed knee surgery because they tried to say it was pre-existing. I might start looking for other companies tbh.

Oregon, Greyhound
The app is awesome and they respond quickly!

The pet app they use is awesome. It’s super simple and is a easy way to submit claims. After my dog Ellie sprained her ankle (I had thought, I’m not vet expert) from a big hike we had done, I took her to the vet to get confirmation and see if there were some meds or something he could do to make her a little more comfortable. He ad wanted to take an xray just to make sure nothing was wrong, which I appreciated, but the cost of the visit and the imaging would have set me back just over $400. Thankfully I only had to wait 6 days before I heard back that the claim had been approved and my reimbursement check would be mailed the next day. I’m so happy to be a figo customer! Why haven’t other insurance companies figured out how to make it this easy yet??

Vermont, Husky
Great customer service.

I’m continually impressed every time I call into Figo to ask about a claim, payment, etc. I have never had a bad experience with one of their customer service reps, and it is easy to tell the people working there really care about animals and know what they’re talking about. I would recommend them to any pet owner.

New Mexico, Chocolate lab & black lab
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Bonus Points

Figo has created a brand-new user experience when it comes to pet insurance, and we’re positive others will follow suit. They clearly show how much they want to simplify the process for pet owners by giving you one reliable online platform to access all the information you will need. They also opened new avenues for contacting them beyond just a call center, as they allow texting and instant messaging, and will even send you push notifications for reminders, if you prefer. Figo has streamlined the intricate processes of insurance and claims, and it is all for the benefit of the customer and animals they serve.