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It’s pretty impressive when a successful company can grow from tragic beginnings, but this is exactly the case for Pets Best. In the 1970’s Dr. Jack Stephens was working as a veterinarian when he had to put down a dog due to the owner’s inability to pay for the unexpected treatment the dog needed. A few weeks later, Dr. Stephens bumped into the owners and their daughter when the girl turned around and stated, “You’re the man who killed my dog.” Dr. Stephens was devastated, and it was then he decided to work toward making veterinary care more affordable for owners. Years later, he founded Pets Best Insurance with the aim of building a company that not only had good, comprehensible policies, but was affordable for all ranges of budgets. In the short time it has been around, Pets Best has quickly grown to be one of the most successful and most popular pet insurance companies in the market. They do an incredible job of making policies affordable, providing top-quality customer service, and ensuring they are making the claim process as seamless as possible. Pets Best was the first pet insurance company to introduce fully electronic claim submittals, tracking, and reimbursements and are always working to make themselves more efficient for their customers. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they were founded by a veterinarian who understands the ins and outs of veterinary treatments and care.

What They Cover

Pets Best does a great job of creating an array of policies that include almost everything an owner could need. They cover the standard care, like accidents, illness, and injuries, but then they also cover the more specialist procedures when your pet needs a hospitalization or has a hereditary condition. They also provide customers with a good deal of options for deductibles, ranging from $100 - $1,000, and reimbursements, ranging from 70% - 90%.

We especially like the very short 3-day waiting period (versus the average of 7 days) for accident coverage. This is great peace of mind.

What They Don’t Cover

As with any insurance company, there are a few things that Pets Best doesn’t cover, namely:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Parasites
  • Elective procedures
  • Non-veterinary expenses (food, special diets, vitamins and supplements)
  • Herbal, holistic and experimental therapies and medications
Plan Coverage Options

As we mentioned before, Pets Best offers a pretty extensive range of potential deductibles as well as reimbursement rates. When looking at the deductible, they are each per year, and you can pick from $100, $200, $250 (this particular deductible can be great value), $500, or even $1,000. Reimbursement rates can be chosen from 70%, 80%, or 90%, and limits vary from the $5,000 to an unlimited plan, meaning that you’ll be covered regardless. For example, did you know that 47% of dogs get cancer, which can easily cost you well over $20,000?

  • $100
  • $200
  • $250
  • $500
  • $1000
  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%
Policy Limits
  • $5,000
  • Unlimited
Policy Coverages
Deductible Type Per Year
Deductible Options $100 - $1,000
Reimbursement Options 70% - 90%
Policy Limit Options $5,000 - Unlimited
Lifetime limits Unlimited up to policy
EssentialWellness Cover Cost $14 - $21.75 per month*
BestWellness™ Cover Cost $26 - $32.58 per month*
Accidents & Illnesses (in Plus & Elite plans)
Vet Exam Fees
Rx Medications
Emergency Visits
Cancer Treatments
Outpatient Care
Alternative Therapies
Waiting Periods
For Most States:
Accidents: 3 days
Illnesses: 14 days
Cruciate Ligament Conditions: 6 months
Routine Care: 0 days
Deleware, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska,

New Hampshire, & Washington:

Accidents: 0 days
Illnesses: 14 days
Cruciate Ligament Conditions: 30 days
Routine Care: 0 days
North Dakota Only
Accidents: 3 days
Illnesses: 14 days
Cruciate Ligament Conditions: 30 days
Routine Care: 0 days
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How much will I get back from Pets Best?

As mentioned, Pets Best has great choices of options for coverage, and here are 3 examples of how much you’ll get back for a covered condition:


Example 1

Your dog is out catching a frisbee with your son in the yard and the worst happens when he leaps into the road to catch a loose frisbee on the wind and is struck by an oncoming car. After rushing him to the vet, he will need surgery for a broken leg and lots of pain medicine, but he’ll make it out just fine. The surgery will cost $6,200, and the medicine will be another $775, which totals $6,975. With an 80% reimbursement and $250 deductible, you can expect to get back $5,330 as you chose the unlimited plan.

$5,330 Total Back

Example 2

Your playful new puppy gets a bit too playful with a stick on the beach. He gets it stuck in his molars, which while also being really painful is very expensive too. Fear not, Pets Best has got you covered. Your bill of $1,920 including vet exam fees is returned to you, less the $100 deductible you selected and with a 90% reimbursement for a total back to you of $1,628.

$1,628 Total Back

Example 3

Your cat develops chronic skin allergies that lead to severe infections pretty regularly. Each time a prescription for the antibiotics costs you $485 and this is the sixth infection in two years. For all six infections, the total you would be paying out of pocket is $2,910, but with a $100 deductible and 90% reimbursement, you will get back $2,519.

$2,519 Total Back
How much does Pets Best insurance cost?

Well as you may imagine, the cost of pet insurance depends on a few key variables: the breed of your pet, their age, and where you live. After that, it’s down to you how much coverage you want, how big (or small) a deductible you want to pay and how much of a reimbursement (the amount you get back after the deductible is paid) you select.

To see all of Pets Best plan options, click here to compare pet insurance plans, but here are a couple of examples:

Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 2 years
Zip code: 98260
$5,000 coverage
$100 Deductible
90% Reimbursement
Plan Cost $26.18 Per Month
Plan Cost $26.18 Per Month
Breed: Black Lab
Age: 8 years
Zip code: 96744
Unlimited coverage
$500 Deductible
90% Reimbursement
Plan Cost $52.67 per month
Plan Cost $52.67 Per Month

What do pet owners say about Pets Best?

Very Good
5 star
74% Complete (success)
4 star
18% Complete (success)
3 star
3% Complete (success)
2 star
5% Complete (success)
1 star
0% Complete (success)

In terms of reviews, customers are constantly thrilled and impressed with Pets Best low prices. Customers also love the quick turnaround time for claim reimbursement checks. With an average rating of 4.6/5, see the reviews of real customers below.

Great people and service!

I can’t believe ive had three dogs but never heard of pet insurance until now I just adopted a new puppy about 8 months back and one of the shelter workers said I should seriously look into insurance and I told her I already had some for my self and she said no for the dog she said it’s a great way to keep costs low when something goes wrong I decided to look it up later and found so many companies offering it she had mentioned pets best though so I signed up online and it was really easy ive submitted one claim so far and the process was really simple and they got a check to me within a week I was stunned since my owninsurance tries everything not to pay ill definitely stick with pets best.

Alabama, Shih Tzu
You won’t regret this investment!

I’ve used Pets Best for three years now and couldn’t be happier! You need pet insurance if you have a pet! Don’t waste the money out of pocket!

Washington DC, Goldador
Very fast Reimbusrement

Would recommend Nationwide to anyone with a pet. Good service and quick payback.

Oregon, Rottweiler
Almost didn’t accept my claim, still fighting.

My fiancé and I decided to get insurance on our dog a few months after getting him. His first year and a half saw low vet costs and we didn’t really have any issues. Things changed though when he developed an infection in his stomach and needed lots of care and medicine. I submitted my claim and it got turned down. I called a rep to find out why and they said I was missing info from the vet that needed to be provided. I thought I had submitted enough, but okay, fine, I’ll get more I figured. I had our vet submit more paperwork and then I didn’t hear from them for almost a month! I called twice and both times was told my claim was being worked on. I finally got a notice that my claim was approved but not for the amount I thought it would be so I called again. I’ve been dealing with this mess for almost four months and it’s still a battle to get my correct reimbursement. Not too impressed.

Oklahoma, Great Dane
Policy is good but pricey.

I like my policy but the premium price is a bit high. Theyve always paid what they said they would tho and on time so all in all im happy.

California, Persian cat
Good peace of mind.

Everyone should get pet insurance no question and go with Pets Best—really great.

Vermont, Goldendoodle
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Bonus Points

It’s devastating to hear that Pets Best started from such a scarring incident, but it is truly amazing that Dr. Stephens cared about animals and their owners so much that he never wanted another family to have to pick between saving their pet or saving their budget. It’s this mentality of really wanting to help the people they serve that has made Pets Best a top-pick in the industry. Throw in their consistently low prices and comprehensive policies, and you’ll be hard pressed to find many companies who are as dedicated to their customers as Pets Best.

*Price varies by state, and by pet age. Get a quote to see pricing for your pet.

Pet insurance coverage offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company, a New York insurance company headquartered at 6100 4th Ave. S. Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98108, or Independence American Insurance Company, a Delaware insurance company located at 11333 N. Scottsdale Rd, Ste. 160, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC (CA agency #0F37530) is a licensed insurance agency located at 10840 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Charlotte, NC 28277. Each insurer has sole financial responsibility for its own products. Please refer to your declarations page to determine the underwriter for your policy. Terms and conditions apply. See your policy for details.