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You know a company is going to provide great customer service when you learn that one of its founders didn’t even stop working while she was in labor, but that’s exactly what happened with Laura Bennett, one of the two founders of Embrace Pet Insurance, the other being Alex Krooglik. The two met during their MBA programs and started Embrace following graduation with the desire to create a pet insurance company dedicated to superb customer service. They not only care for the dogs and cats they insure, but for the owners as well, since they understand the strain a pet’s illness or injury can have on a loving owner; it’s not only emotionally tough to watch your four-legged friend be in pain or discomfort, but it’s also mentally draining if you’re simultaneously trying to figure out where you can get extra funding from to pay unexpected vet bills. This is the worry Bennett and Krooglik wanted to eliminate by helping pet parents get the monetary assistance they need when they truly need it with no games, hidden fees, or insurance nightmare loopholes. They dedicated themselves to their customers so much that they created a Customer Bill of Rights with their top 8 priority promises to clients, such as “You have the right to complain and be heard,” and “You have the right to know what you are buying.” It’s not everyday you find that kind of transparency with an insurance company, but Embrace wants to ensure customers always know they are the top priority.

What They Cover

Embrace made sure to create policies pet owners would actually want because it would cover all the essentials, plus the extras you might not consider on your own or that other providers don’t cover, such as exam fees and allergy testing. Their standard policies also cover lab tests, biopsies, MRIs and xrays, laparoscopies, acupuncture, laser surgery, and physical therapy; this is all in addition to the common needs, such as surgery, hospitalizations, hereditary and chronic conditions, accidents, dental trauma, cancer treatment, and cremation. Embrace also feels strongly about preventing animal cruelty, so they are strict on excluding harmful procedures, unethical treatments, and deliberate injuries.

What They Don’t Cover

As with any pet insurance company, there are a few things that Embrace doesn’t cover, namely:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Injuries deliberately caused by owner
  • Injuries caused from neglect, fighting, or cruelty
  • Cosmetic procedures not medically required (i.e. tail docking, etc.)
  • DNA testing
Plan Coverage Options

Embrace knows that policy variation is a necessity for customer satisfaction so anyone can create the policy that is most effective and affordable to them. They offer an annual deductible range from $100 - $1,000 and a reimbursement range from 70% - 90%. They offer policy limits from $5,000 up to $Unlimited. They also offer unlimited lifetime limits up to the policy limit per year. They also offer Wellness plans.

  • $100
  • $250
  • $500
  • $750
  • $1,000
  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%
Policy Limits
  • $5,000
  • $8,000
  • $10,000
  • $15,000
  • Unlimited
Policy Coverages
Deductible Type Per Year
Deductible Options $100 - $1,000
Reimbursement Options 70% - 90%
Policy Limit Options $5,000 - $Unlimited
Lifetime limits Unlimited up to policy limit
Wellness Cover Cost Up to $650 optional
Accidents & Illnesses
Vet Exam Fees
Rx Medications
Emergency Visits
Cancer Treatments
Outpatient Care
Alternative Therapies
Waiting Periods
Deleware, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, & Washington:
Policy Coverage Starts 2 days after sign up
Accidents 0 days after policy starts
Illnesses 14 days after policy starts
For Most States:
Policy Coverage Starts At midnight after sign up
Accidents 2 days after policy starts
Illnesses 14 days after policy starts
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How much will I get back from Embrace?

As mentioned, Embrace has great choices of options for coverage, and here are 3 examples of how much you’ll get back for a covered condition:


Example 1

Your dog needs back surgery due to a ruptured disk, and then needs physical therapy after to get him back to normal. The cost of the surgery, therapy, and post-op medication will total $12,460. After your $200 deductible and a 90% reimbursement rate, you will get back $11,014.

$11,014 Total Back

Example 2

Your mischievous pup got into the bathroom trash while you were away at work. You come home to see some remnants on the floor and take him to the vet. An x-ray shows he has swallowed hairpins, Q-Tips, rubber bands, and plastic, and will need surgery to treat it. The total for the x-ray and surgery will cost $4,890. Following your $200 deductible and 80% reimbursement, you will get back $3,712.

$3,712 Total Back

Example 3

Your 11 year old cat is diagnosed with cancer after a tumour is found near her kidney. The vet is hopeful of recovery since it was found early, but surgery to remove the tumor, plus a round of chemotherapy are still needed. After all is said and done, the total bill comes to $14,270. Following your $300 deductible and a 90% reimbursement, you will get back $12,543.

$12,543 Total Back
How much does Embrace insurance cost?

Well as you may imagine, the cost of pet insurance depends on a few key variables: the breed of your pet, their age, and where you live. After that, it’s down to you how much coverage you want, how big (or small) a deductible you want to pay and how much of a reimbursement (the amount you get back after the deductible is paid) you select.

To see all of Embrace’s plan options, click here to compare pet insurance plans, but here are a couple of examples:

Breed: British Short Hair cat
Age: 6 years
Zip code: 60005
$10,000 coverage
$200 Deductible
90% Reimbursement
Plan Cost 37.19 Per Month
Plan Cost $37.19 Per Month
Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 2 years
Zip code: 63103
$15,000 coverage
$300 Deductible
80% Reimbursement
Plan Cost $33.36 per month
Plan Cost $33.36 Per Month

What do pet owners say about Embrace?

Very Good
5 star
82% Complete (success)
4 star
14% Complete (success)
3 star
4% Complete (success)
2 star
0% Complete (success)
1 star
0% Complete (success)

In terms of reviews, customers love the high level of customer service they get with an Embrace policy. With an average review score of 4.8/5, see reviews from Embrace customers below.

Such a wonderful company!

I have been nothing but please with my experience with Embrace. They make the process of claims and payments and whatnot very simple and the turn around it fast and my payments always get sent quick. I am thinking of getting anothr dog and will def sign him up for Embrace.

Maryland, Doberman

The people are helpful and the claims are processed fast.

Utah, Rottweiler
Embrace is the best, better than other insurance!

I always try to chose the best for my furry babies, and picking insurance is no different. I knew it would be an investment so I wanted to make sure I found the right company that had heart and soul and not just a bottom-line. It means so much to me when I call in to embrace and they care about what’s happening with one of me pets. Isn’t that what ALL pet mamas and papas want??! Pick embrace and you wont be disappointed. They care, they work quickly, and they make me and my 3 babies (soon to be a 4th that I’ll sign up with Embrace! ;) feel like we have someone backing us up. What a great company. I would never get insurance anywhere else.

Montana, 2 Maine Coon cats & 1 American Shorthair cat
They took two months on my claim!

They took two months to respond! Really disappointed.

New York, Pug
So glad I got Embrace.

I decided to get insurance a year after I rescued my dog. I had taken her in for a routine check-up and my vet recommended that it might be worth investing in some type of insurance. I looked at a few different sites and landed on EMBRACE because of the wellness option. It’s already come in useful for two visits and then one claim outside of the wellness option that would have cost $600 if I didn’t have the insurance. Definitely worth it.

New Hampshire, Yellow Lab
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Bonus Points

When it comes to finding a quality pet insurance company, you don’t need to look any further than Embrace. They clearly put their customers first and want to help pets and pet owners any way they can. We also love that they don’t require networks, but instead let you visit any vet you want, and they also offer 5% discounts for payments made directly from a bank account. We at Pet Insurer love animals, and think it is wonderful that Embrace cares for our furry friends just as much as we do. You won’t be disappointed with an Embrace policy.