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Pet First has a great benefit for customers that we love – if your pet has an accident then your covered just one day after your coverage starts – that’s a market leading service. Average payout times are also the fastest in the market at just 5 days. We’re not fans of the per-incident deductible, but we’re definitely fans of nopay out for any kind of vet exam to go on cover.

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Good coverage, but slow turnaround.
I purchased coverage for my kitty three years ago after I got her and heard that respiratory issues can be really common for this type of cat. I’m really glad I did because she has been to the vet a dozen times already for respiratory related problems and Petfirst has always been great about covering my costs. I just wish they were faster about getting back to you on a claim (expect a couple weeks of wait time) but still very worth it.
Colorado, Sphynx cat
No Scams and they want to help.
I’ve been pretty happy with the coverage up to this point, and thankfully haven’t had to report any big claims. But even with the small stuff they are helpful and make it worth the money.
North Carolina, Great Dane
First Pet Insurance Experience, not bad
I herd about pet insurance through a friend when I adopted my second dog She had seen me deal with high vet costs for the last pup when he had to get a few teeth pulled, various shots, and just meds throughout his life. She has been using Pet First for a while and said it is good. I called and spoke to a nice lady who helped me pick my plan and thankfully my deductibale is fairly low. I’ll be glad I have it I bet as ssoon as this new doggy needs something.
Texas, Russell Terrier
Good policy, but need better updates.
My family and I got our dog, Diamond, a few years back and we couldn’t be happier. However, as with kids, lots of unexpected things come up with having a dog, or any pet really. My parents always had cats when I was growing up and I swear there was always some new medication they needed or a new reason they needed to see the vet. That taught me to look into insurance whenever I decided to become a pet parent.

Thankfully, Diamond hasn’t caused too many issues, but of course she will encounter different things. Last year we had to take Diamond to the vet for really bad vomittng and diahrrea which caused her to not eat for a few days. It was upsetting my kids and my wife and I got nervous so we took her.The vet said she had a stomach infection and needed antibiotics badly before it spread. That was also after some bloodwork and tests to find the problem. The costs were much more than we anticipated.

I ended up making a claim with petfirst and I was schocked that they said they would cover most of the costs, almost 100% after we handled the deductible. That brought our expense down immensely to a manageable sum. However, the process felt like it took forever and I had really wished that they would give better updates as things were progressing. It all ended okay, but I had to call a lot to make sure things were on track and keep everything moving. For the most part happy with them and glad to have it, but there could be some improvements.
California, Akita
Policy is awesome and the people!
I’ve never had a bad experience with Petfirst! I would tell anyone to sign with them!
Idaho, Goldador
Never worry about a scam, Petfirst is great.
My girlfriend and I got a cat after we moved in together and I thought a cat would be easy. Surprisingly, he’s needed more vet visits than I expected, but the shelter had recommended insurance. I found Ptefirst and they’ve handled things so far!
Washington, Maine Coon cat
Very glad I thought to get insurance
For the most part my dog has been relatively disease and injury free but she did sprain and cut her paw a while back, needed a vet visit, meds and the cone. Since she hadn’t cost much so far I was shocked to get the vet bill. It was close to a thousand dollars after the numerous visits, xrays, and other meds to make sure the cut didn’t get worse. As a new grad I couldn’t afford the bill. That was whem I was really glad Petfirst was behind me. They fulfilled the claim and helped calm me down and got the money to me within a couple weeks but I have had one or two reps from the call center who were very rude. Everything else is fine tho.
Kentucky, Boxer
Reliable and good policies.
I’ve submitted three claims for my dog Angie and they have helped with all of them! One claim was kind of large but they still took care of me and Angie and I couldn’t be happier with them. Not a bad bunch of policies to pick form either.
Nebraska, Labradoodle
Glad I thought to get an insurance policy.
I watched my parents go through payment struggles with their last dog, so when I adopted Arthur I decided to get an insurance policy to help with costs. I found Petfirst online and really like the coverage they offer. I had to make my first claim a couple months back when my dog found the bowl of chocolates my girlfriend keeps in her apartment. The vet took care of Arthur and Petfirst took care of me and my wallet.
Kentucky, Beagle
Hlepful workers.
Every time I have called the workers on the other line are quick to help me with whatever I need. Ive never had to wait more than a few minutes and they’re always polite.
California, Pomeranian
Easy to get a policy online.
They have a helpful website that provides a lot of info and is easy to use. I signed up for my entire policy in ust 20 minutes and now I don’t have to worry.
Ohio, Dalmatian
Great safety net.
Petfirst insurance is a great safety net for owners when pet bills get to high, I was impressed with the levl of coverage, and the claim process is pretty simple, they helped me save over $400 on my last claim and almost $1000 on my first one before that.
Maine, Maltipoo
Not vet specific.
I love that their coverage is not specific to one vet, you don’t have to be chained if you don’t like the level of health service or if you need emergency care from a different clinic. That was a big sell for me since I travel a lot for work and almost always drive so I can bring my dog. It gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing I can take my dog to any clinic if something happens while we’re on the road. I would definitely tell other potential buyers to look at Petfirst for a good policy.
North Carolina, Black lab
Long waiting period that wasn’t explained.
My wife and I got a policy for each of our cats when we heard about the increasing costs os vet bills from the shelter. They told us to look into companies online who can help by reimbursing. We found a policy with Petfirst that seemed pretty good, but it was not clearly explained that there would be a waiting period before coverage began. Of course, as luck would have it, one of ur cats got sick during that time before coverage kicked in, we took him to the vet and got the denial of the claim later. So far we’re not thrilled yet. I really wish they would have clearly outlined the policy details when we were in the middle of the buying process so there we’rent any shocks down the road.
Colorado, Ragdoll cats
Pretty quick reimbursement, but have allll paperwork ready.
I like how quickly they get a reimbursement check to you, but make sure you have all the necessary paperwork included in the claim otherwise they’ll deny it or really slow down the processing time.
Florida, Pug
Covered almost the whole bill!
My dog Kiera was attacked by another dog and got badly bitten/cut to the point of needing stitches. It was my friend’s new dog she had ust rescued so I didn’t want to make her pay as she felt bad enough that Kiera got hurt, so thankfully Petfirst helped me with the invoice and covered the majority! Such a big help.
Michigan, German Shephard
Claim process is so simple!
They make the claim process really easy and get a check out quickly! Whats not to love?!
Louisiana, British short hair cat
Coverage that’s affordable.
So far Petfirst has been good when I make a claim and they keep the monthly premium relatively low which is nice.
California, Boxer
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