How we determine our signature plans and scores

Pet Insurer Signature plans

As pet owners ourselves, we measure the relevancy of the insurance plans on offer to your search criteria. Put simply, we want you to be as confident as possible you're making the right purchasing decision for your pet's insurance. To become a Pet Insurer Signature insurer or have a Pet Insurer Signature product is a long process and involves meeting a 40 point checklist.

We measure insurers and plans by taking into account such factors as popularity of the insurer or plan, their review scores, both on the Pet Insurer website and also on 3rd party websites, the quality of the insurance product overall or specific plan, the competitiveness of the insurer or specific plan and various other important metrics relating to the overall customer experience - all of which are relative to the other insurers or plans meeting your chosen search criteria.

Pet Insurer summary scores

Each Pet Insurer summary score for either an insurer overall or a specific insurance plan is based on a calculation of many variable factors.

Each of these factors, be it price, product feature or review based, is calculated to find an overall summary score. We believe that by having strict guidelines for calculating scores creates fairness and overall transparency of both the insurers and of the Pet Insurer service.