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Nationwide Pet Insurance has completely redesigned its pet insurance plan recently. Now there is just one plan that pays out a 90% reimbursement, has a $250 annual deductible and UNLIMITED lifetime coverage. This is the Rolls-Royce of pet insurance coverage, and that’s why we even insure one of our own dogs on this plan. They even give you up to $500 of wellness coverage for free.

Nationwide Pet Insurance
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Friendly Service w/ Nationwide
We got Howard last year and I wish we would have got insurance at the same time. Just for his puppy vaccines and flea meds we are already out of pocket a couple hundred. A friend told me he signed up with Nationwide for his cat and dog and that the service was friendly and pretty responsive. I decided to sign up too and I have to agree. I’ve been very happy with there customer service since I enrolled Howard and it came at a good time too since we just had to take him to the vet for vomiting. Nationwide covered the majority of the bills (90%) and we just handled the deductible which was much more managable for us. Thanks Nationwide!
Indiana, French bull dog
Reliable, quick
Our pup had to go in for an ear infection last month and our coverage through Nationwide proved helpful and reliable again! We’ve had a policy with them for almost two years and they always provide thoughtful customer service when we need help. Payment reimbursement is pretty quick too.
Minnesota, Yorkshire Terrier
Overall great service for the cost.
Good customer service that is fast. Pretty happy with policy coverage.
New York, Goldendoodle
Good coverage, but know youre policy
I learned from watching a friends vet bill catastrophe to purchase pet insurance when we adopted our husky. Being a first time pet owner I was nervous about the expenses that come along with owning a pet, lots of things out of your control. So far, we have had one big claim due to a sprained hind leg. At first Nationwide said that part of his treatment wouldnt be covered and I was getting worried it was a bad policy, but after speaking with a few customer service reps, we got things sorted. I’m still happy wiht the policy, but make sure you read it carefuly so you don’t have to go through the run around at first.
California, Husky
Nationwide is great!!
My husband and I got Toby a few months after we lost our first dog, Kaya, due to cancer. That whole incident shook us to the core. We had had Kaya for almost 12 years and she was like another one of my children since my two kids had grown up with her. She was lively and rambunctious and had such a sweet nature. Needless to say, we were all distraught when she passed away, especially because there were treatments we wanted to try, but just couldn’t afford because we didn’t have insurance for Kaya. To be honest, I didn’t even know pet insurance was something that was available. This led us to look for, not a replacement, but another pup to share our love with.

We looked for months on adoption and breeder websites trying to figure out which dog would be right for our next pick. We eventually settled on a boxer puppy that had just come to a shelter close to us. We knew immediately that Toby would be right. The day we went to meet Toby we were talking with one of the shelter workers about his history and she mentioned that they didn’t know much about him, so it might be wise to get a good insurance plan for him and get him checked by an additional vet for peace of mind. I am so thankful to that worker.

I immediately started researching pet insurance providers when we got home that day. To my surprise, there are a ton! I was a little overwhelmed, but persevered through the chaos and decided on Nationwide due to their preventative care help and great customer service. We want to start Toby on the right foot and never have to worry that his health might be a financial burden we can’t handle, and I get that calm with Nationwide. They’ve been fantastic so far with the minimal claims we have made and I know Toby will live a healthy life thanks to the help from Nationwide :)
Rhode Island, Boxer
Manageable deductible, good service
We had to report a claim to Nationwide when our dog got sick and had to go for multiple vet visits. It took a while to figure out the issue so the number of clinic visits mixed with the prescription costs after it was all said and done would have been hundreds of dollars. Thankfully Nationwide covered most expenses and we were able to get the meds needed for our dog. It helped to put my mind at ease knowing Nationwide was behind us.
Illinois, beagle
Nationwide has great coverage!
I learned about pet insurance when I was on the phone with my Nationwide rep about a diferent issue and made a joke about my new feline family member. My rep asked if I had already sought coverage for my cat and told me she could assist with that if not. i didn’t even know pet insurance was something I needed.

It took about 30 minutes on the phone to go through various policies, but we eventually settled on one that had a low deductable but still good coverage. I haven’t had to turn in a claim yet, but I am so glad to knw vet/med costs will be handled and I’m grateful to Nationwide for providing me with the information.
California, Ragdoll cat
Helpful and fast.
Nationwide has made my life as a pet owner so much easier! Always helpful and good with reimbursement.
Washington, Dachshund
Overall good policy, but they tried to fight reimbursement at first
Had to take our dog Linus to the vet for issues with not eating. After bloodwork and test it was determined he had the beginning of liver disease. It was ata point of being manageable thankfully but the tests and meds had cost us a lot by this point. We turnd in our claim and at forst they were trying to say it was a pre existing condition. We ended up having our vet write a letter stating the specifics at that it wasn;t pre existing. This helped a lot and they ended up reimbursing us and apologizing for the hassle. It was nice they recognized the issue, but would have been better had it not happened. Still, though, they came through in the end and glad we have the policy.
Arizona, Labridoodle
Love my coverage with Nationwide!
I’m so thankful our friends told us about pet insurance. We had a cat when my kids were younger and he developed lots of health problems toward the end which cost us a lot and that’s not how you want to spend the last few days/weeks of your pet’s life-worrying about covering health costs. When we got our new puppy, I decided to research different pet policies and I came across Nationwide’s different policies. We signed up for a policy that covers almost 100% of costs after the deductible which is really great. So far the service has been great after turning in a claim for heartworm medicine. They are fast and help us to know our costs will never be too much to handle.
Texas, Chocolate lab
Very fast Reimbusrement
Would recommend Nationwide to anyone with a pet. Good service and quick payback.
Oregon, Rottweiler
Very friendly staff and call center!
I signed up with Nationwide and we currently have a policy for our dog Molly. Unfortunately, we recently found out Molly has a gum and tooth infection that needed serious treatment. I knew something was wrong because she wouldn’t eat for a few days and that is VERY unlike her. The girl eats everything in sight!

I took her to our vet that we have been using for years and after a lot of analysis, he found the infection. We were so sad to hear what she was going through. I can only imagine how much pain she was in and that breaks my heart. We spoke with the doctor regarding the best treatment plan.

Nationwide was great through it all. We paid our deductible, which is very reasonable, and they handled the rest with no hassle or push back! They helped to get the claim through quickly and the rep we worked with was so polite and helped to expedite the claim so we could receive our reimbursement sooner. I am so impressed with them and am very thankful to have them!
Texas, Doberman Pinscher
Worth the money.
Nationwide was great in helping us cover the vet bill when our dog got a cut on one of her front paws that eventually got infected. I was glad they stuck to the policy and didn’t try to get out of paying like I’ve heard about with other providers.
New Mexico, Golden retriever
Nationwide is a pet saver!
Def would recommend Nationwide for insurnce! They say they’ll pay and really do when u need it the most. Thx!!
Ohio, pug
Top Quality Customer Service.
I had to report a claim when my dog started getting really bad, continuous diahrrea. Thankfully it was easy to submit a claim and I was surpsised that they covered 90% of my costs just like my policy said and the re-payment check was too me within a week of making the claim. Really happy with my service and coverage and would recommend to anyone.
Oregon, Schnoodle
Good full coverage, but took my check a long time to get mailed.
My husband and I were happy that Nationwide covered so many of our expenses when our beloved kitty got sick, but it took almost a month to receive the reimbursement check!
South Dakota, Siamese cat
So thankful to have nationwide for my pooch!
My lil baby got sick a lil while ago and I got so scarred that I couldnt pay I had been havin some hard money times and her sickness came as a surprise I love my lil girl and hadnt had her too long when she stopped eating and stopped trying to play she always wanted to go outside b4 but then all of a sudden not vet told me it was issues wit her kidney and she would need meds 4 the rest of her life that made me nervous but I mad ethe claim anyway I mean thats why I got insurance in the first place The people at nationwide were really nice and made sure to bills for my lil girl were taken care of you dont know when somethin bad will happen so always nice to be prepared nationwide helped a lot
Michigan, Chihuahua
Do not use!
I signed up with Nationwide after hearing they had great customer support. That might be true, but great customer support doesn’t help at all if the company still won’t pay out for a claim that is supposed to be covered! What a joke.
Idaho, German Shephard
So helpful!
I just filed my first claim for my dog, Angie, and the process couldn’t have been easier! The rep I spoke to was super nice and helped put my mind at ease about cost coverage. They fulfilled all that was promised in my policy and were very thorough in explaining how everything would be handled. I received my reimbursement check pretty quick and was really grateful. My own health insurance isn’t that easy! Many thanks to Nationwide!
Florida, Great Dane
Definitely worth it to invest in!
My family is the type who treats our pets as real family members and we like all types of animals, so you can imagine the zoo that we live in. due to that, my wife and kids and I were crushed to find out that our dog had cancer. We had just brought her in for a check up but the vet noticed some irregularities that made him question and do more tests.

Our vet said that there were ways we could treat it since it wasn’t bad yet but my wife and I knew it wouldn’t be cheap, but we couldn’t say no. it would be like turning down treatment for our son or daughter. We agreed that we had to do whatever it took to help her. We already had the policy with Nationwide thankfully but hadn’t had to use it for much more than medicine coverage a few times. We figured that treatment this expensive wouldn’t be covered but we reported the claim anyway.

I’m very glad to say that we were wrong. The folks at Nationwide were so great with helping us and really made the effort to let us know they were doing all they could. They ended up covering the bulk of the treatment costs and we just had to work about some small fees. It was totally manageable and made a hectic time so much easier. I would tell anyone to invest in a pet plan with them. The comfort and peace of mind is worth the small monthly payment.
Tennessee, goldador
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