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Fetch has the biggest choice of options available for you to choose from. You can select from a massive selection of coverage options, which is great for any budget. Reviews are solid across the board and you can usually score a further 5 – 10% discount when you get a quote on PetInsurer.com.

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Fetch saved our family!
I cant tell you how gratefull I am to have Fetch. As a pet owner you have to understand that accidents happen or unexpected things come up. Its hard when they do because if your pet hurts, you hurt. Its like seeing a family member get hurt. I never thought I would say it but having insurance was like our guardian angel. My beloeved golden, Rissy, was hit by a car after her leash broke and she ran away from me. I was so scared and just wanted to be their for her.

We got her to the vets immediately and because we had the amazing coverage with Fetch the doctor was able to do whatever it took to get Rissy back to us. She had to get x-rays and tests ans then needed minor surgery and tons of medications for after. The bill would have been in the thousands but Fetch took care of us. They handled the claim quickly and eased our worries in such a painful time. The customer service reps were really nice and helped every step of the way. I cant thank Fetch enough for being there for us because now we have Rissy back to her normal energetic fun loving self and we couldn’t be happier!!
Florida, golden retriever
Quality company and service.
Everyone knows horror stories about insurance companies and not paying out when a claim is made. I would almost rather pay all the money for my won treatments than have to go through the process of a claim. However, I’m pleasantly surprised that is not the case with Pet plan. They have helped a few times now when my pup needed shots, flea meds, and cone for a bad cut on his paw. They make me feel like they care, and the reps are always willing to explain every step of the policy with me. I’m really thankful to have the coverage in case something more serious ever came up.
Georgia, Chocolate lab
You won’t be sorry to purchase.
I’ve been a Fetch customer for a few years now and they have never let me down. Well worth the small monthly payment.
Kansas, Doberman Pinscher
Good peace of mind.
I hear from a friend about coverage through Fetch and decided to look into it for my new pup. I had had dogs in the past but never a plan to go along with them and each beloved doggy came with there own set of medical issues and needs that were more costly than expected. After looking online ans speaking with a rep, I chose Fetch and have been very happy with the service. Ive submitted three claims so far and all have been reimubursed to me. Thanks Fetch
Tennessee, poodle
Excellent customer service!
Fetch has been great for me and my cat Oliver. They always pay out and really care about pets!
North Dakota, Oriental cat
Fetch is the No 1 insurance
We’ve been so happy with our coverage through Fetch so far. They’re helpful with everything from the small to large claims. Last year, we had to report a multiple large claims when our dog tore his ACL and needed surgery. We were worried at first that even with coverage the costs would still be too much for us. We felt so much better, though, after speaking with a rep at Fetch. He walked us through the process and let us know in advance all the paperwork we would need to turn in to make the claim acceptance go as smoothly as possible and his advice really paid off. We submitted the initial claim form, which is actually really simple, and got all the rest of the necessary paperwork from our vet. They didn’t give us any trouble and our claim went right through! We’re so thankful to have had Fetch otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to cover the cost of everything.
Washington, German Shephard
Great company and service.
I learned my lesson about pet insurance after my first dog got really sick and needed lots of vet visits and meds. The bills skyrocketed quick ans the money became more and more overwhelming fo me and my family. Unfortunatley, our dog passed away when we couldn’t afford anymore treatment. I felt so terrible beccase beside that, I also couldn’t give him the quality of life at the end that he truly deserve.

When we adopted our new dog, I did my research to see if anyone knew of ways to cut vet costs for pets. I called vet offices and shelters and they all mentoned pet insurance and a few clinics said Fetch specifically. I looked into their policy on line and they had a ton of option. I called and spoke to a call center worker who really helped and had a policy within 20 minutes. We just had to make our first claim the other day and it has been smooth sailing sofar. I’m thrilled to know we won’t have to go through another terrible choice of our pet or the money.
Texas, Labridoodle
Quality coverage but have all the right paperwork!
They payback what they say they will, but the process will slow wayyy down if you don’t have all the right paperwork from the beginning, ie claim form, vet letter, etc.
Idaho, Lhasa apsos
Very helpful company
My parents recommended pet insurance to me when I resuced Angus, my wonderful Aussie shep. They have had a policy for their cat for a few years and said it has really helped to save them lots of money. They use another company, but I got the best deal with Fetch. I had never purchased insurance for a pet before sho they were really helpful getting me through everything and pucking the best plan for me. I have a low monthly payment and deductible and good majority coverage if something goes wrong. Nothing has yet, but after hearing what my parents went through, I made sure to buy for me and Angus.
South Carolina, Australian Shephard
Payback took forever!
Had to submit a claim for a few hundred dollars and it took them over a month to get me the reimbursement check! They at least paid what they said, but took too long.
Maine, Dalmatian
Love, love, love Fetch!! :)
I adopted my kitty, Sierra, a few month back. I have always wanted a Persian and she is just the most perfect little thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never bonded with anyone or anything the way I do with her. Needless to say, she became my best friend immediately and the day I got her, I vowed to give her the very best life possible. I would make sure she always had the best food, as many toys as she needed, the best brushes for her grooming, and tons of space to lounge in our home. Because really, its both of our home now that she is part of me. This also meant I would get the best possible insurance plan for her practically the minute after I picked her up which ended up being Fetch.

Well, you can see how distraught I would get when we found out she had a terrible eye infection and would actually need to have surgery to fix it. I couldn’t believe it! Not my baby Sierra! I researched her condition online for days just to make sure the vet had told me the right diagnosis (I have had instances where doctors were wrong about my own health issues so I don’t always trust them). After reding a lot, it seemed at least this vet was right about what she needed. I was so scared for her and terrified she might not make it through. But I stayed strong for her. I called Fetch once I dediced to go through woth the surgery. Surprisingly, they were wonderful!!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing-they were going to reimburse me for almost 100% of the costs and I just had to handle the deductible. I was so shocked that they weren’t trying to fight me on anything. I got the papers completed and they had a check to me within a week. Way to go petplen, you just went to the top of the charts in my opinion! I’m happy to report that Sierra had the surgery and is recovering fantastically!! Thanks to Fetch I know I won’t have to worry about her health again. I will always use them!!
Montana, Persian cat
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