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One of the newest pet insurers, but don’t let that put you off. Figo offers a plan option that’s unique – 100% reimbursement. This means that if you make a claim all you pay is the deductible, which can be as low as $50. Prices are solid too. The only thing we don’t really like, but it’s not a show stopper is the $9 fee to sign up. You probably haven’t heard of Figo, but we would still recommend.

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Such an easy claim process!
We recently purchased pet insurence with FIGO for our border collie that we rescued a few months ago. She has such a great spirit an energy so we want to give her the best care possible. a friend told me about her positive experiecne with FIGO so we decided to give it a try. I submitted my first claim for an ear infection. In 5 days the claim was processed, approved, and reimbursement was on the way! I cou;dn’t believe it. So happy we signed up.
Colorado, Border Collie
Wonderful customer service!!
I have been a customer of Figo for quitea few years now and they have yet to cease to amaze me. Everytime I submit a claim the process is easy and fast, but that’s not the best part about the company. The best are the people. They are so polite and helpful and caring when I call with questions about my benefits or asking about a claim. They really care about pets. Its awesome. I will never choose another insurance company for my pets. Figo has my business for life.
Oklahoma, American Shorthair cat
Like that you can submit via app.
They make submitting claims easy by letting you do it through their app. So much simpler than other companies.
UKansas, Goldendoodle
They’ll give you trouble with pre-exiting.
Be careful. They’ll try to say things are pre-existing conditions that DEFINITELY aren’t. I submitted a claim for my dog Sadie for a respiratory infection and they tried to deny it saying that since she was a rescue, there is no way of knowinf if she is prone to them or not so it could be pre-existing. WTF?? It took two months and tons of extra documentation form my vet that shouldn’t have been needed. They finally approved it, but made the whole thing an ordeal ans so stressful. Not too thrilled.
Virginia, Maltese
They take care of everything!
My wife and I debated getting pet insurance after we had a bad experience with the provider for our last dog. However, when we were getting a check-up completed for our new pup George, the receptionist at our vet’s office said she hears a lot of patients talk about how satisfied they are with FIGO. We decided to give them and try and are really happy. We ended up signing both our pets up for policies! They make it easy to submit claims, but the best part is they handle all the communication with the vet for records, verifications, etc. As a pet owner, you don’t have to do much beyond submitting the claim, and then you’re in good hands. They get in touch with the vet quickly, and process a payment as soon as the claim is approved. I’m really impressed and glad we decided to give pet insurance another chance with FIGO.
Washington, Maine Coon cat & English Bulldog
Good value for the money
The policy is a good deal as compared to the monthly premium price. Not too many complaints.
Connecticut, Australian Shephard
LOVE the customizeable plans!
I love love love that Fido lets you create/customize the plan you want y getting to pick the deductable the % coverage the monthly prem cost etc It helps makes the process of buying so much more nice Get Figo youll love it!!!
Nevada, Maltipoo
Issues with covering surgery.
The basic coverage and reimbursements for vet visits and meds are fine, but I now know of two different instances where figo has denied claims of pet owners needing reimbursement for surgeries and they wouldn’t pay. It happened to both me and my cousin’s family. His dog needed a hip surgery last year that figo denied on some BS basis and then I got denied last month when my dog needed knee surgery because they tried to say it was pre-existing. I might start looking for other companies tbh.
Oregon, Greyhound
The app is awesome and they respond quickly!
The pet app they use is awesome. It’s super simple and is a easy way to submit claims. After my dog Ellie sprained her ankle (I had thought, I’m not vet expert) from a big hike we had done, I took her to the vet to get confirmation and see if there were some meds or something he could do to make her a little more comfortable. He ad wanted to take an xray just to make sure nothing was wrong, which I appreciated, but the cost of the visit and the imaging would have set me back just over $400. Thankfully I only had to wait 6 days before I heard back that the claim had been approved and my reimbursement check would be mailed the next day. I’m so happy to be a figo customer! Why haven’t other insurance companies figured out how to make it this easy yet??
Vermont, Husky
Great customer service.
I’m continually impressed every time I call into Figo to ask about a claim, payment, etc. I have never had a bad experience with one of their customer service reps, and it is easy to tell the people working there really care about animals and know what they’re talking about. I would recommend them to any pet owner.
New Mexico, Chocolate lab & black lab
I love that they contact my vet for me.
Figo makes it easy because they contact your vet for you whenever you make a claim and they need additional info. Takes the hassle and stress away from me and then I never have to worry that thwy won’t get what they need,
North Dakota, Doberman
My claim took sooo long.
I’ve been with FIGO for two years now and the last claim I made a year ago went really smoothly, so im hoping this is just one bad mistake?? When I needed to submit a claim last monh because my dog had developed a really bad skin rash.I submitted the claim thru the app and then didn’t hear anything for 3 weeks so I called and they said I was missing a certIN FORM from my vet so I go that and then submitted again and again I didn’t hear anything for 2 weeks so I called to see what was going on and they said it was still in process really?? I waited 1 more week before calling a 3rd time and was not happy I spoke too 2 managers before it was finally accepted. Like I said, I hope this isn’t how they are now all the time, a claim shouldn’t take 6 weeks and 3 phone calls to process! Ugh.
New York, Chihuahua
App is really helpful.
I switched to Figo from Nationwide and am really glad I did. The customer service is better and I love the app. Submitting a claim is so simple. Even if the customer service was just okay, I’d stick around because the app makes it easy to have everything in one place.
Florida, Golden Retriever
Thanks FIGO! Saved my wallet and my dog!
My fiancé ans I were devastated when we heard that our dog Oscar had developed cancer. We had rescued him 3 years earlier and he instantly became our kid, we are even planning on him being one of my “groomsmen”. The diagnosis shook us. Our one silver lining was that thankfully we had caught it early enough that our vet felt confident we could treat it, but it was still going to cost a lot. We wouldn’t have been able to pay for everything with FIGO. They were our safety net and heped us know that we could say yes to expensive meds or visits because we had the peace of mind. They really did help us save our dog. Now I have my groomsmen back!
New Hampshire, Dalmatian
You can customize your plan.
They let you pick your plan details so it’s easy to get a plan that fits your needs.
California, German Shephard
What you sign up for is what you really get.
What they explain as your benefits really is what you get, unlike with some other insurence. I’ve only ever had one bad customer service experience. Every thing else is good.
Wyoming, 2 British Shorthair cats
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