ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Reviews

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance are one of the biggest, and in terms of reviews, one of the pet insurers. Their new V4 product is completely redesigned for this year, bringing it up to speed with the best policies available. Of course, with it being named after ASPCA, you can be sure that this is just about the most ethical policy available today. Consistently the most affordable coverage too.

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ASPCA cares about owners and pets!
I wish I would have known about ASPCA’s insurance sooner. I would have bought it for my first dog since it would have helped with the vet bills racking up at the end of her life.I learned my lesson and shopped around for insurance when we got our new pup Eliot last year. I did tons of research on different policies provided and finally settled on ASPCA. So far, they have been very reliable whenever I have submitted a claim, covering costs exactly as my plan outlines. They even follow up with a phone call after to make sure your pet is doing good. They definitely show great customer service, and I would recommend them to any pet owners who don’t have coverage.
Utah, puggle
Insurance with heart.
I was completely surprised by how much an insurance could care about a pet. ASPCA goes the extra mile to make me feel like my pet’s welfare is actually their top priority and not money.
Maryland, Border Collie
Good coverage, but read the fine print.
The policy provides good comprehensive coverage, but know your policy inside and out.
Arizona, English Springer Spaniel
Awesome Follow up!
WE submitted a claim a while back when our dog somehow got into my son’s Halloween candy and ate I don’t know how much chocolate andwe got really nervous thankfully the vet was open and able to give meds and treat our dog before anything really bad happened my kids would have been devestated if something happened after all was said and done our invoice from vet was in the hundreds and with the holiday coming up we didn’t have that kind of extra cash but thankfully ASPCA saved us by reimbursing us quick and with very litte struggle They even called a couple weeks after to see how our dog was doing! That’s great service to me
Utah, black lab
Every pet owner should call ASPCA for a plan.
My mom got really sick a while back and needed a way to cut costs with all the extra medical bills pouring in, so we decided that I would take her dog, Max, to give her peace of mind that the dog would be okay. Being in just a beginner job, however, I wasn’t ready for the monetary burden an animal can cause. I’ve always loved Max and when he came to live with me it was like he was always my own, but each vet visit drained my extra spending money. I am so thankful that on the last visit, the vet tech told me to look into pet insurance and said she knows a bunch of friends who are happy with ASPCA. I called them up that day and they helped me get a policy immediately!

They were patient and helped walk me through the whole process and made sure to help me find a policy that was best for Max since he is already 6 but that also isn’t too expensive for me. I’ve submitted two claims so far and it couldn’t have been easier. I feel so much calmer knowing I can give Max what he needs and also knowing I’m not letting down my mom. It’s also one less thing she has to worry about.
California, Maltese
Good and good price.
Have had a policy with ASPCA for a few years now and I’m pretty happy, ive had one instance when they took a long time to get a reimbursement chek to me, but everything else is good.
Florida, Dalmatian
ASPCA cares! But read the fine print.
So far my husband and I have been pleased with the amount of coverage we get for our cat through ASPCA. I was surprised to find out that that was even a branch of their business, but they have pretty low deductible costs and copay aren’t too bad either. I’ve recommended ASPCA to friends and family for their pets also. The only thing I would say to watch out for is that you really need to read your whole policy carefully so that you don’t get hit with any surprises of instances that you think will be covered but aren't.
South Carolina, Ragdoll cat
Thank you for taking care of my dog ASPCA! :)
My dog Rex got diagnosed with a liver problem last summer and the costs to treat him were going to be a lot but aspca came thru on the claim and I was able to get him treatment worry free He’s doing great now just needs daily med but that money is covered too. Love ASPCA!!!
Washington, Shetland sheepdog
ASPCA really cares about your pet!
Every claim I make is taken care of promptly and with such polite assistance. They truly care!
Louisiana, Goldendoodle
Solid Company that won’t disapoint.
I was apprehensive about spending the money for pet insurance thinking it would be as difficult to make a claim as my own, but that’s not the case with ASPCA. They make everythihg simple :)
Georgia, Russel Terrier
ASPCA won’t let you down!
Everyone knows the great work ASPCA does for getting pets adopted—we’ve all seen the commercials that make us want to run out and adopt every dog or cat possible in need of home. So it was really great to hear they also offer pet insurance when my girlfriend and I were adopting our newest furry family member.

They bring the same quality and heart from their adoption services to the insurance side as well. Every time I have to make a claim they take extra care to make sure I know things will be okay. Just last month my girlfriend reported a claim for a really bad ear infection our pup got, and ASPCA did their part to really help. We just had to handle the copay cost for the vet visit, and they paid everything else—prescriptions included! I was so surprised how easy they made it for us and it gives fantastic comfort going forward that we will always be able to take care of our furry friend.
Texas, ShibaInu
Good customer service, standard policy.
Not too many bells and whistles but they pay when they say they will.
Tennessee, St. Bernard
Slow Payback period.
I’ve been happy with ASPCA service up until now nut the last time I made a claim it took a long time to process and then longer for payment approval, still waiting on the reimburment check too.
Ohio, golden retriever
ASPCA all the way!
I tell everyone to sign up with ASPCA! They’ve help with costs so many times I can’t even count!
Minnesota, Boxer
Go with ASPCA for pet’s comfort!
Thanks to ASPCA I’ve been able to help my dog Arty when he’s really needed it. Once for a bad gash on his hind left leg that got really infected, needed stitches, and antibiotics. Another time for severe vomiting that went on for a couple days. Each instance had costs in the hundreds, like $500-700 and I wouldn’t have been able to pay that on my own. Thankfully, I didn’t have to and only had to worry about my deductible, which is really reasonable.

ASPCA handled both claims efficiently and also made me feel like they really wanted to help my dog. They were friendly and even called a couple weeks after to check on Arty’s recovery both times. I’ve been really happy with them as a provider and I would definitely tell other people to look them up if they want the right protection for a pet.
New Hampshire, Maltipoo
Thanks for the help ASPCA!
Made my first claim a littl while ago and there weren’t any no issues. Sai I would get a check in one to 2 weeks and really did! WOW.
Connecticut, Irish Wolfhound
Glad to have ASPCA.
My girlfriend and I just adopted our first dog, Zeus, and couldn’t be more excited. We had been looking for a while and finally found him at one of the shelters. My parents had taken out insurance on our family dog quite a few years back and I remember they had said it has saved them thousands over time. We decided to do the same for Zeus and it couldn’t have been easier. We did some brief research to see what options were out there, but settled on ASPCA for their quality customer service and a great policy at an affordable cost. We would highly recommend them.
Hawaii, German Shephard
I freaking luv ASPCA! They are rock stars and hep so much! Thank you!!!!!! :)
Missouri, Pug
ASPCA is worth the investment.
Been a customer for a few years now and glad I am. My family and I have had to make four claims for our dog and it’s been such a helping hand. With one kid already in college and another starting soon, cutting costs anywhere possible really makes the difference. ASPCA provides that ease and assistance so you never have to choose between helping your beloved family pet or paying for your kid’s college textbooks. Multiple plans to pick from all with good low copays and deductibles. Sign up and you won’t be sorry—the monthly cost shows it’s worth the first time you make a claim and there is no hassle and you get every penny of a vet invoice covered. ASPCA is the way to go.
Maryland, Cockapoo
Glad to finally be covered
I sgined my dog up with ASPCA insurance after she sswallowed my son’s sock and needed to be rushed to the vet. The bill was a bit larger than I exoected so I finally decided to take the plunge and get a policy. I’ve had to make one claim since then and it went really smoothly. The rep I spoke too was really helpful and nice and made me feel cared for as a customer. Would recommend them so far.
Minnesota, Great Dane
Glad to finally be covered
I sgined my dog up with ASPCA insurance after she sswallowed my son’s sock and needed to be rushed to the vet. The bill was a bit larger than I exoected so I finally decided to take the plunge and get a policy. I’ve had to make one claim since then and it went really smoothly. The rep I spoke too was really helpful and nice and made me feel cared for as a customer. Would recommend them so far.
Minnesota, Great Dane
Very helpful!
The reps at aspca are fantastic and so knowledgeable. The girl I worked with stayed on the phone with me for almost an hour while I asked questions about the policy and she helped me feel so at ease about what I was purchasing. Couldn’t be happier with the level of service.
Washington, Goldendoodle
Good follow up
I made a claim for my dog Alfred and they were not only quick to reimburse, they also called a few weeks later to check on me and my dog—really impressed.
Alabama, Australian Shephard
Aspca cares!
They really care about pets and owners! You wont be disspointed with your policy.
Colorado, Maine Coon Cat
Read policy carefully
My wife and I purchased a policy for our puppy when we first got him. We were impressed with the level of coverage promoted on the site so we decided to buy. I wasn’t going to worry about it when we received all the paperwork, but decided I should give it a glance. I was really happy I did because the policy had restrictions we weren’t expecting—like things to do with our vet.

We were lucky we saw it before we had to take him in and it could be an issue, but it proved that we should have knew exactly what we were signing up for at the beginning. Im still hopeful the coverage will be as comprehensive as we wanted but I guess that’s still TBD.
North Carolina, Maltese
I appreciate the customer service.
I had been wanting to get insurance for our dog Bailey for a while and stated to look online as to what my options were for companies and price ranges. After looking at a few providers I found ASPCA and am so happy I did. The customer service rep I spoke to made everything really clear and simple and took the time to make sure I understood what my policy was really all about.
Minnesota, Golden Retriever
Easy claim process.
My girlfriend and I needed to make a claim four her cat when it developed a skin infection and the vet bill was more than we expected. The whole claim process didn’t take much time at all and it went through seamlessly. They reimbursed us for 90% which made ot much more managable for us.
New Mexico, Persian Cat
Didn't reimburse the way they were supposed to.
I submitted a claim that I thought would be covered but they denied it saying my polixy still hadn’t gone into effect yet so this instance wouldn’t be reimbursed. Really disappointed.
California, Corgis
They called to check on my dog!
They called a couple weeks after my claim had been processed just to ask how my dog Sandy was doing! It was so sweet!!
Alabama, Labradoodle
Luv the people!
Every time I call the reps are suuuper nice and answer al my questions thoroughly
Washington, Chihuahua
Took a while on my reimbursement.
The first time I submitted a claim they got my reimbursement check to me within 2 weeks but this last time I submitted a claim everything went through fine but the check didn’t get to me for over a month I wasn’t please with that considering I know they can do a quicker turnaround.
New York, Ragdoll cat
Good Coverage
I was really impressed with the level of coverage when I found them online. I signed up for a policy that covered everything I wanted and didn’t have s deductble that was too expensive.
Florida, Boxer
So thankful we had ASPCA
My husband and I were devastated when we found out our dog Cooper had developed cancer. We almost couldn’t tell our kids—they had all gorwn up together so it was like they were losing a sibling. Cooper had always been such a lively dog, was great with our kids, even when they were young, and got along woth other dogs really well too. Hearing the diagnosis broke my heart.

We had taken out a policy for Cooper when we first got him 9 years earlier and in those last few months im so so incredibly thankful we had dedicded to do that. Aspca didn’t give us any trouble or push back and we were able to try different treatments and then provide Cooper with the best care to keep him comfortable when treatments stopped working. It made a world of difference knowing we could at least help him feel less pain and keep him with us just a little while longer. We’re going to get another dog in the next few months and we will definitely come to ASPCA again for insurance help.
Colorado, Yellow lab
Never thought I would need insurance.
Never thought I would need insurance since my first dog never had serious problems that I couldn’t pay for myself—it had actually never even occurred to me to think about a policy. However, after watching a friend go through cancer treatment with his dog, and seeing the costs associated, I decided to look into one. Checked a few different companies and finally purchased with aspca because of the affordable price and policy details. My friend’s struggle made me realize I could never know if something would happen. Ust because my last dog remained pretty healthy doesn’t guarantee this one will or some accident won’t happen. Now I’m a little more prepared.
Maryland, Rottweiler
My cat is taken care of!
I took out a policy when I first got my cat as a kitten. I have already made six claims over the course of the last 7 years so it has already proven its worth. Everytime she needs to go to the vet I know I can give her the medication or treatment needed because she’s covered.
Wisconsin, American Shorthair cat
Good company.
The policy isn’t exactly what I wanted, but the company’s customer service and dedication to animals made up for that in my opinion. I can tell they really do care about me and my dog when I need to make a claim—they really want to help—I appreciate that.
California, Maltipoo
Love ASPCA! :)
Obviously everyone know s about the charity work aspca does for animals but I bet a lot of people like me didn’t know they offered insurance to help pets after my dog got a really bad ear infection we were going to the vet alllllll the time it elt like and the bill for that incident really killed me one of the people in the waiting room suggested insurance from ASPCA fso I went online and had a policy in about 30 minutes later that day its great coverage from nice people!
Minnesota, Black lab
Get Insurance—you’ll need it
Mary Jean
My mom convinced me to get insurance and I’m so thankful. Have already needed to make three claims in a year. Saved me tons.
New Mexico, Poodle
Good peace of mind
Nice to know my vet bills will be covered when they’re too much for me.
Wyoming, Great Dane
I highly recommend Aspca!
Awesome company with heart! Th buying process was easy enough and they always give a follow up call for the pet after a claim. Nice!
Oregon, Ragdoll cat
They cover testing!
I love that ASPCA insurance covers diagnostic testing to find the root of the problem. I saw that was not covered for a lot o other companies, but those bills can add up quick so that wwas a selling point for me.
North Carolina, Beagle
Really nice people
Everytime I call the people working their are so incredibly nice and patient. I have yet to have a negative experience or those insurance horror stories of being put on hold for an hour or more. ASPCA treats you better than that.
New York, Dachshund
Good policy limits.
I like that ASPCA insurance offers so much options for limits and deductibles, you really can customize the policy to exactly what you need, I think there are 3 dedutable choices and like 5 or 6 limits choices.
Kentucky, Golden Retriever
Slow getting my check.
It took almost three week to get my reimbursement check back
Iowa, 2 Persian cats
You’ll be so glad you got ASPCA
I love that my dog is just as adventurous and outdoorsy as me, but that also means she can get herself into issues requiring vet care pretty often. I’ve saved probably about 10k out of pocket with ASPCA. They really have made it easier to know shes fully taken care of.
Oregon, Husky
Insurance that cares!!
I love that ASPCA really cares about providing insurance with heart, they won’t cover purely cosmetic procedures that hurt the dog, like ear cropping, and they really care about your pet!
Connecticut, Shih Tzu
Saved me thousands on my dog’s back surgery!
My dog needed back surgery from a ruptured disk and the whole process (surgery, plus diagnostic tests, plus meds) was going to cost over $12,000. With ASPCA, I got a 90% reimbursement! I never could have afforded that on my own at once—it would have been lots of years on a payment plan. Thank you aSPCA!!
Montana, Yellow Lab
Why no wellness coverage?
I don’t get why wellness coverage isn’t standard?? Doesn’t that helpt o lower all costs??
California, Dalmatian
Prettuy good policies, but no vaccines
They cover a lot, but vaccines coverage is not part of a policy. Those can be expensive so plan ahead.
Maryland, American Short Hair Cat
They have good coverage
ASPCA gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Their policies cover everything you want and then some. You wont be disapointed with what you get.
Oklahoma, Pug
Specialist visits are covered.
They included vistiing specialists are part of your policy which is great, I needed to take my dog for some bad intestinal issues ans the one visit bill was almost $850. So glad I didn’t have to pay that out of pocket.
Colorado, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Nice but slow.
I submitted my frst claim last month and all the workers I ever spoke to were all really nice, but it took a realllllly long time to get my check, almost one month. Definitely not for being on a time crunch.
California, Ragdoll cat
Fair prices.
I was drawn to ASPCA insurance obviously for the tyow of reputation ASPCA already had. I was a volunterr with ASPCA in college and it was one of the best experiences of my life so it was a natural choice for me.
Washington, Poodle
Nice choice of deductibles and reimbursements.
They let you pick and choose your deductible, limits, and reimbursement amount which allows the plan to be completely customizable and affordable for all budgets.
New Hampshire, Boxer
They care about animals!!
After every claim I submit I always get a call asking how my pet is doing a few weeks later. I really appreciate that.
Texas, Yorkshire Terrier
Where is my check?!
After hassling over a claim for 3 weeks, they finally approved it, but I haven’t gotten my check in 4 weeks!
South Carolina, Maltipoo
ASPCA really helps animals and pets.
I think it’s great that they won’t cover treatments or procedures that are purely cosmetic or that could harm the dog. Its not right for an animal to suffer and have their tail or ears docked and cropped because of the stupid decision of their owners. Glad ASPCA takes a stand.
Missouri, Akita
Thanks ASPCA!
I’ve submitted probably 4-5 claims for each of my pets and ASPCA takes care of me every time. They’ve probably reimbursed me close to $15 combined. I never could have afforded that on my own, but ASPCA gives me the peace-of-mind to know I can always choose the best care for my furry friends, even when it’s costly. ASPCA has my back.
Florida, Goldendoodle & Persian Cat
Good policy options.
I like that they cover hereditary as well as non-traditional things like alternative therapy.
Ohio, Mastiff
Great coverage for cancer treatment.
My dog developed cancer last year and it was one of the worst days of my life when I found out. I’ve had my dog for almost 10 years, shes my life. The one thing that ofered a little bit of reassurance was the fact that I wouldn’t have to handle the expense of treatment all by my self, ASPCA had been paying for her claims for years, and I am so grateful that I atleast had that. Shes holding on strong and really fighting. As long as shes out of pain, I’m happy, and I couldn’t have done it without ASPCA.
Rhode Island, German Shephard
Such a great company!
ASPCA insurance is simply the best! They care, theyre fast, and completely reliable!
New Jersey, Dalmatian
Insurance with morals, who knew?!
I am a huge supporter of animal rights and I love that I found a pet insurance company that shares the same beliefs. They don’t reward animal cruelty and they help pets find loving homes. shouldn’t a moral compass be standard for all insurance in order to really help people?? I wish it was!
Mississippi, Corgi
Fast check return after claim.
They always get my reimbursement check back really fast within a week. I appreciate that.
Wyoming, British Short Hair Cat
Emergency hospital coverage!
I love that aspca covers emergency visits. I had to rush my pup to the hospital after she got hit by a guy on his bike speeding down our hill. She suffered two broken ribs and a partially punctured lung. I was terrified bbut so thankful I had aspca to back me up with all the costs, I couldn’t have afforded everything on my own
Montana, Doberman Pinscher
Reliable but slow
I think for the mosy part they are good but they are slow to get back to me regarding claims
Arizona, Boxer
Doesn’t get better than ASPCA insurance
I rescued my dog through aspca and heard about their insurance too, when I check it out they had a lot of options for policy types and prices. I appreciate that they let me customize to what I relly need.
New York, Pug
Wouldn’t work with my vet
I was really disappointed they wouldn’t work with my vet for paperwork so I had to be the go between for everything which made it all take soo much longer. Id prefer if they went straight to the source.
Georgia, Border Collie
They put animals first
The insurance with aspca really does put the needs of the animal above all else. Youre totally taken care of.
South Carolina, Chihuahua
Efficient and caring
The insurance with ASPCA is great. Good policy options, and they are very efficient with claims. A little pricey, but still very worth it.
Idaho, Labradoodle
Hereditary conditions covered!
My dog developed really bad hip dysplasia, as most goldens do, much earlier than I expected. He was only 6 when he started displaying signs. My aspca policy was a life-saver because I could treat him right away and not worry about cost, a year later hes like a pup again!
Oklahoma, Golden Retriever
Two thumbs up for ASPCA
ASPCA insurance has been awesome. They haven’t let me down once with a claim and they always go above and beyond to be helpful.
Kentucky, Great Dane
Love that they offer wellness coverage
I love that they give the option for wellness coverage, it might be an added cost and it would be even better if it was just standard, butmine is only and $10 dollars so it relly isn’t a big deal. They believe in preventing things before they happen or get serious which I really appreciat.
New Mexico, Puggle
The best policies!!
I can't get enough when it comes to spoiling my pets. They are my kids for now and I love bringing them new toys, treats, and anything else to make them more comfortable. Obviously I then took forever to find the right insurance company for thm. After comparing companies for a few days in a row I found ASPCA and was sold immediately, they don’t condone purely cosmetic procedures or ones that hurt the animal and they have great policy options to pick from. They let you customize limits, deductible, reimbursement, everything. I now have policies for all three of my 4-legged children and the prices are great. I love that I have ASPCA behind me when I need them.
Washington D.C., Persian Cat & 2 Yellow Labs
I had the rudest customer ervice rep!
I was waiting to hear about a claim that I had submitted two weeks before. I called in and had the WORST experience. The customer service rep who took my call kept putting me on hold, was talking to other people while on the line with me, and could barely answer my questions. I was finally put on hold again for TWENTY minutes before a manager came on. I’m definitely going to start looking elsewhere.
Illinois, French Bull Dog
Got my check back right away
Submitted my claim and had a check back within 4 days. Really happy.
Oregon, Rottweiler
low monthly premums.
I couldn’t believe it when I was quoted for a policy and the monthly premium was so inexpensive! Thanks ASPCA!
Nebraska, Yorkshire Terrier
Awesome customer service, sloooow claim processing
ASPCA makes it an easy experience when you call n, but man they are soosloooow at processing a claim. Plan about a month before its all said an done
Hawaii, Goldendoodle
No vaccination coverage :(
They are almost prfect, if they just covered vaccines.
California, Miniature Schnauzer
Hassle-free insurance!
ASPCA insurance has nailed it when it comes to making insurance easy and simple for the customer. I really wish other insurance providers would take some notes.
Tennessee, 2 Ragdoll Cats
Ssved my dog!
I rescued my dog from and ASPCA shelter and they told me about getting insurance because she was going to need a lot of help that would cost a lot. Her past owners must have been animals themselves because they said she had been beaten and had a skin rash from malnourishment that was going to need constant monitoring, She also needed lots of extra behavioral therapy to be comfrortabe around people again. But I want to give all of that to her, she’s so sweet, and she made my life better so now iwant to do that for her. ASPCA insurance is helping me do tht.
Missouri, Pit Bull Mix
ASPCA is great.
I have been a customer with them for three years now and I can truly say they have my back when I need it. Money should never be an issue for treating your beloved pet, and ASPCA takes away the worry.
Alabama, Australian Shephard
I don’t know where and how people are getting wellness coverage because I was told that wasn’t an option??
North Dakota, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
They called to follow up on my dog.
After every claim they always call a week or two later to check on me and my dog, I think that’s one of the best things a company could do to show they care for their custoers.
Colorado, Greyhound
ASPCA is the BEST!
ASPCA insurance is positively THE BEST! Ive never had a bad claim experience in 4 years and they take every opportunity to help you out.
West Virginia, Maltese
Good Reimbursement rates.
I like thatthey let you pick what reimbursement rate you want, helps with the monthly cost.
Mississippi, Chihuahua
My check took forever.
They approved my claim really quickly but then took forever getting the check out too me, like over a one month.
Rhode Island, English Mastiff
ASPCA is so nice!
I love how polite the workers are! Calling them doesn’t fill you with dread like when I have to call about my car insurance. Theyactually care and it shows.
Arizona, Maltipoo
Affordable prices.
They do a great job of keeping deductible low and reasonble. The monthly costs are alos not bad too.
Nevada, Sheepdog
Policies are really comprehensive.
When I was insurance shopping I was really impressed by how extensive the ASPCA policies are. They have all the basics and then more. They take care of owners and pets.
Massachusetts, Border Collie
Quick and dependable.
They process claims fast and are always helpful. Cant ask for to much more.
Florida, Chocolate Lab
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