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Welcome to the pet affiliate program, where we love to work with brands that want to promote pet insurance to their audiences. is the fastest growing name in the pet insurance market and there's a great reason why—we're the only specialist pet insurance comparison service in the USA. Think of us as the Expedia for pet insurance.

We're able to offer a brilliant affiliate program where you can earn a market leading income, and also, a fully customized white label pet insurance program that you can read more about below.

So, what does this mean for your brand?

We aren't just a single insurer with a limited set of rates for certain risks. We work with the biggest names in the pet insurance market to allow your customers to compare pet insurance and find their best policy, whether it's from Nationwide, Pets Best, Trupanion or many more.

As pet parents ourselves, we know that the best policy for one pet won't necessarily be the right one for another. That means finding the right plan can be a tricky and time-consuming process to navigate. But because we're independent and not tied to any one insurer, we can make finding the best insurance policy quicker and simpler. It takes less than 60 seconds for a user to fill in the quote form that can be embedded on your website, and once they've selected their insurer, completing the process is easy.

What's in it for your brand?

We want you to be a really successful partner and we pay more than any other company in the pet insurance space. You can easily earn over $100 per pet when using our pet insurance affiliate program.

We can provide you with all of this when you sign up:

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Full tracking capabilities of quotes and conversions

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Dedicated partner team with real-time support

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Promotional tools include banner ads, text links and specific marketing content that can be written specifically for your brand

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90 day cookies

Affiliate or white label: the choice is all yours

Depending on the size of your organization, you can join Pet Insurer as a normal affiliate or choose our completely customized white label offering.

The former option allows you to embed our widgets on your site, and means your customers can compare different plans and then click through to an insurer. The widgets can be accompanied by specific pet-related content that helps conversions, and can either be written by you or our team of experienced pet parents. Here's an example of an affiliate partnership from our colleagues at US News:

Image of US News

For larger brands the best route is often the full white label service, which includes a bespoke landing page, widgets and content that matches your brand guidelines. By incorporating your fonts, colors and brand identity, it allows users to continue the buying process while still feeling like they're on your site. Forbes Advisor have seen a huge increase in conversions since the launch of this page:

Image of Forbes

Excellent returns—for free

It doesn't cost you any money to join our affiliate or white label programs, but the potential revenue you get from capitalizing on your content is massive. And because we compare more plans than anyone else in the market, our quote-to-conversion rate is the best of any company in the sector. For your company, that can only mean one thing: more money.

Because we're licensed in every American State, you can rest assured that rep tape is not a problem. And as well as the landing page and the entire technology that powers it, we also offer:

Bespoke content

Whatever your issue, whatever time of day, our dedicated team is here to look after you. Technical problem at 3am? Content needed urgently? No problem—we've got you covered.

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Dedicated support whenever you need it

Whatever your issue, whatever time of day, our dedicated team is here to look after you. Technical problem at 3am? Content needed urgently? No problem—we’ve got you covered.

Real-time data reporting and tracking

One of the things we're most proud of—and that our partners get real value from—is our reporting platform. Giving you access to real-time data, it allows you to track performance in whatever configuration you choose, be it by pet age, breed or location. Comprehensive, up-to-the-minute revenue reporting in one easy-to-use tool: what's not to like?

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Helping a great cause

We're not going to lie: our mission is to get every dog and cat in the US insured. That means that as well as sharing in the revenue you'll generate by joining our affiliates program, you'll be contributing to the increased health and welfare of the animals whose pet parents take out policies to protect them. This is hugely important for us, and we hope it is for you too.

Have a look at some of the brands that we partner with

Image of Forbes site

Forbes Advisor are one of our most important partners, and they have achieved hugely impressive results by teaming our white label service with their powerful brand loyalty. It took just over a month to get our service working for them, but with a 'Best Of' page and some market-leading pet content in front of the highly efficient Pet Insurer quote engine, Forbes Advisor leads the way for conversions in the pet insurance sector.

Wag! was among the first brands to partner with us, and the relationship has quickly flourished. The engine that we built them talks with the APIs of the insurance companies, resulting in a seamless experience for the user. And given that US licensing is covered in the deal, it means that Wag! do not have to contend with the time-consuming process of cutting through red tape.

Image of US News

Widgets are a critical part of our affiliate relationships, as our tie-in with US News demonstrates. They have a 'Popular Pet Insurance Plan' widget that is pinned in place wherever the user scrolls, a straightforward quote widget, and one that compares companies who offer pet insurance.

We have a variety of widgets that are tailored to the specifications and needs of each of our partners, and whether they are based on CPC or a CPA revenue share, they prove incredibly value as a monetization tool.

Want a fully branded solution in your company identity for your customers? is unique in that we can provide a fully customized white label pet insurance service for your audience. This service is reserved for brands that have bigger audiences of pet owners and we are very careful whom we work with for this.

Want a fully branded solution in your company identity for your customers? We can fully white label a customized solution for your brand in your identity, meaning that your customers stay within your brand look and feel when they get an insurance quote.

This usually involves an increase in conversion, as your customers already trust your brand for other products, so as an extension of your offering, pet insurance is just another thing that you do.

We can even help you build out a great landing page on your site to explain this great new service you're offering and show why it's a wonderful benefit for your customers.

There's no cost for you in becoming an affiliate, or for the white label solution. We're fully licensed in all 50 states with no restrictions.

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