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I was nervous to buy pet insurance, but Pet Insurer made it so easy, and I know I got the best deal!

Stephanie Gethers

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Pet: Bulldog
Age: 7 years old

I love not worrying about vet bills! And it helps everything is in one place, so it made choosing a policy a breeze.

Alyssa Sanchez

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Pet: Mixed Breed Cat
Age: 2 years old

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Pet insurance, you’ve heard of it before, but did you know you could save money by comparing pet insurance plans, rates and reviews with Compare plans from Petplan, ASPCA, PetFirst, Pets Best & more.

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  • Compare multiple policies from leading pet insurers
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  • Check waiting times, policy exclusions and review scores before you buy
  • Find the best policy to suit your wallet and your pet’s requirements

If you want to save money and get the best deal out there, comparing insurance of any kind is a pretty good idea. But there are a few other reasons why it could be in your interests to compare dog insurance – not least because insuring a dog is generally a bit more expensive than insuring a cat, so making sure you get the best value for money is a big priority.

All dogs are different and can suffer from a wide range of genetic conditions that vary between breeds. This means that an insurance policy that’s perfect for a Golden Retriever, for example, might not be the best one for an Afghan Hound. By thinking about the exact criteria you’re looking for in a policy before you compare dog insurance quotes, it will make the process quicker and much more streamlined.

Once you’ve filled in the simple online form on and you’re looking at all the quotes that have come back, that’s when you really reap the rewards of your decision to compare dog insurance quotes. Not only can you easily see all the quotes in front of you, but you have the opportunity to filter your results so you only get shown policies with the certain features you’re looking for.

Having the ability to completely customize the search to your own specifications like this makes your decision to compare dog insurance a very good one indeed. In fact, it’s probably the most stress-free thing you’ll ever do when it comes to insurance – and let’s be honest, ‘stress-free’ isn’t a phrase you normally hear when it comes to insurance policies, is it?

Here’s what normally happens when you get an insurance quote. You go to the website of the first insurance company that springs to mind, fill in a tedious form which often seems unnecessarily complicated, and get a quote. Then you decide the quote’s a bit expensive, so you go to another site, fill in another tedious form and get a quote that’s even more expensive than the first one. So you try somewhere else, propping your eyes open with matches as you fill in an even longer form only to discover that this quote is even pricier. At this point, given that the neighbours can hear faint screams coming from your house, you decide to go back to the first quote, having wasted a whole afternoon and taken two years off your life through stress.

With there’s no stress, no ludicrously detailed forms and no screaming – unless it’s a shriek of delight from being able to compare several great deals in a matter of seconds. That’s because all you do on is tap in the requirements of the type of policy you’re after, click a button, and in under two minutes you can choose from a host of deals from a variety of the industry’s most trusted providers. It’s basically like internet magic, as if our website was secretly run by Dynamo and David Copperfield.

Even though you have to fill in some details to be able to get all the quotes and choose one, it’s important for you to know that we will never, ever use your data for anything other than helping you get the best deal for your pet insurance. All we want to do is save you money, help get the right insurance for you and your beloved pet and make the whole experience quick, easy – and free of screaming.

Although cat insurance is generally a little cheaper than dog insurance, being able to see what a variety of policies give you for your money – presented in a clear, visual way – is a very good idea.

One reason why it makes sense to compare cat insurance is that by their very nature, cats are prone to acts of death-defying leaping and spend a lot of their time getting into all sorts of bother while roaming around outside at night. This on-the-edge lifestyle means that getting cat insurance is obviously the right thing to do, but it also means that it’s well worth checking the finer details of a variety of policies to see what’s covered and what’s not. When you compare cat insurance that’s exactly what you get to do.

You might find that the price of the premiums doesn’t fluctuate that wildly when you’ve filled in the online form and the search comes back with all your quotes, but the thing to look for is what’s included. What’s the excess? What’s the co-pay? Is there anything fundamental that’s not covered? One policy might have a headline-grabbing premium that’s cheaper than all the others, but it’s no good to you if it doesn’t legislate for key details you’re looking for. The great thing is that when you compare cat insurance, you get to weigh up the pros and cons of all the policies in an instant, guaranteeing the best deal for you and your cat.

The best thing of all is that it’s simple, quick and free. Actually, that’s three things. Hey, we never said we were mathematicians, did we?

We’re a nation of pet lovers – yet the statistics on how many pets are insured by their owners does not make such heart-warming reading. According to Pet Premium, for example, only three per cent of America’s 69 million dogs are insured, as well as just one per cent of the country’s 74 million cats. By our calculations, that means about 67 million dogs and just over 73 million cats do not have basic insurance that could potentially help save their lives.

The principal reason people get their pets insured is to guarantee that they can afford veterinary bills if their cat or dog gets ill or injured. Animals get poorly and have accidents just like we do, but treatment can be expensive – especially if they have an ingoing condition that needs continual care. An average vet bill can easily run into four figures, and the stark fact is that many pets have been put down because their owners could not afford the medical care needed to make them better. It seems so heartbreaking when a small, manageable monthly premium could prevent such a tragic outcome.

Here at Pet Insurer, we absolutely adore our pets. They are members of our families, our kids love them just like furry little brothers and sisters and we simply can’t imagine life without them. We’ll do anything for them, and we want the best for them. The truth is that you never know what’s around the corner in life, and parting with a small amount of money every month to ensure that you could cover vet fees if needed, and give your pet the care they deserve, seems like such a no-brainer.

People say life is too short, and it’s true for all of us – our beloved pets included. Pet insurance can help make their lives happier, healthier and longer. If that’s not worth at least looking into, we don’t know what is.